Lenovo Legion Slim 7

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  • Made for gamers
  • Great for gaming and streaming
  • Good battery life
  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to upgrade components


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Lenovo tablet forced update shows un-dismissable, un-mutable, ad notifications
I had a bad run of three Lenovo laptops and gave up on the brand completely after years of being an IBM/ThinkPad fan: a ThinkPad P40 (pen digitizer and power connector failures), a Yoga 720 15" (SSD, touch digitizer, and internal wi-fi failed), and a Legion 7 (known hinge design issue leading to failure).I know the Legion 5 is good, which is why I (foolishly) thought the Legion 7 would also be good. It's the inconsistency within and across their product lines, and their god-awful depot support, that's made it a game of Russian Roulette to buy a Lenovo device — some people still swear by them because they either luck into, or do the deep research to find, the very specific models within certain lines that aren't failure-prone.The 720 and Legion 7 failed within weeks, not months, and the 720 went to the depot twice and had at least one repeat or new failure within weeks after returning each time.The P40 broke my heart the worst, though, because it had every feature I wanted and I paid through the nose for it thinking it'd be a 5-year device, minimum. It didn't make it to 2, couldn't get a refund, and didn't have the heart to sell it even for parts.The 720 and Legion, though, failed so quickly that I got refunds from their retailers; I couldn't possibly resell them, and with the Legion 7 in particular I wasn't going to gamble with their depot service rejecting warranty coverage for the fault as people were reporting on Lenovo's own forums, and especially after the touch digitizer failed after the _second_ depot service for the 720.
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What makes the Lenovo Legion line so popular?
The 2560x1600 screen is also color accurate with around 100% of sRGB. The slim 7 is a bit different offering both a high refresh rate 1080p screen and a standard 60hz 4K screen mostly aimed at content creators. The legion series also has a pretty good reputation of having very few QC issues so people often hold on to them for a while without having to send them back.
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After months of trying to get the regular legion 7 with no progress, a good deal on the slim 7 came up and after a long debate, I made the purchase. Really hoping it serves me well and long. I would also appreciate any advice as a first time legion user. Specs in the comments!
Lenovo legion Slim 7: Ryzen 7 5800H, RTX 3060 (100W tgp), 16gb Ram, 2tb Ssd, 1080p screen with 165hz refresh rate. I really wanted the regular legion 7 with the same specs but it wasn't available in my country so I got this instead and so far I'm liking it.
Review of Legion Slim 7 (full review in comments)
The Legion Slim 7 will make an excellent work laptop and Lenovo has tuned it well out of the box so it is also a very capable 1080p gaming device. It is pretty much perfect for my use case, so I will likely keep it for quite a while (as long as nothing goes wrong).
1 year ago
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Lenovo Legion 7i Gen 6 Review
But if peak performance is your calling card, the Legion 7i stands as one of the fastest rides you can buy. Loud and proud, Lenovo's Legion 7i offers unsurpassed gaming performance and a fantastic screen—provided you can put up with short battery life and noisy cooling fans. Sign up for Lab Report to get the latest reviews and top product advice delivered right to your inbox
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18 days ago
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I've been checking out Lenovo's website for few weeks now for their upcoming Legion Slim 7 laptop power by AMD Ryzen processors. As of April 5th, 2021 it still says coming soon.
Lenovo Laptops with Ryzen 5800H vs 5800U fan issue
A while back, i got myself the Lenovo Slim 7 pro OLED edition with the Ryzen 5800H and i am super happy with this laptop. Due to my positiv experiences, my girlfriend just bought herself the Lenovo Ideapad 5 pro with the Ryzen 5800U in it and an nvidia dedicated graphics card. The laptops are pretty similar although one major diffrence is the ideapad only having one instead of two fans my slim 7 has.
1 year ago
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Verdict - The Lenovo Legion S7 15ACH6 is not only meant for gamers, but for creators as well
The Ryzen 9 5900HX APU and the GeForce RTX 3060 laptop GPU (max TGP: 100 watts) can operate at consistently high clock rates. You can get a bit of an additional performance out of the GeForce GPU via the built-in overclocking features.Light, slim, fast - Lenovo does a lot right with the Legion S7 15ACH6
Sascha Mölck
7 months ago
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Why do manufacturers always skimp out on ONE aspect that ruins the choice? *grumble*
Lenovo Legion Slim 7... probably the best we could ask for in a laptop... seriously, has EVERYTHING, and is lightweight:. -Ryzen 9!!. -RTX GPU!!. -all needed ports (usb-a, usb-c, and card reader).
2 years ago
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Need a Laptop for College
just buy a lenovo legion 7 slim or a asus g14/15


Operating System

Windows 11 Home - English


AMD Ryzen 7 5800H / 3.2 GHz

Max Turbo Speed

4.4 GHz

Number of Cores