ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

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Awesome laptop! Disappointed on Amazon though...
Well, the laptop overall is awesome!! For more details just go to the Asus page or Youtube. Now, for the hard part. I am currently living in Mexico and this model won't be available here and that is why I decided to get this laptop from a third party seller (more $) trough Amazon (+ import fees $ + ...
Edgar Landazuri
2 years ago
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Great price, reliable service, prompt delivery
This G14 was not going to be available in Singapore officially. Local parallel importers who has stocks inflate the prices. Therefore, price is really good here. Price has gone down since my purchase. Recommended to get. Thanks!
Edwin Lim
2 years ago
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Responsive Seller & Nice Computer
I researched a lot of computers before deciding on this one. I made my purchase a couple of months ago and it's exactly what I hoped for. After two months, the wifi driver became faulty. The seller was immediately responsive with troubleshooting tips. I was able to connect with ASUS support to updat...
Jessie Bee
3 months ago
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It’s a great laptop for great price. These are some small bad points i found
I won’t write a lot because it’s a great laptop with a competitive price! And for me it’s the best you can buy write now! About my expectations: 1. I didn’t expected a small scratch from the back! Which seems that I could have got an open-box piece. And if that is the case, it would be a disappointm...
2 years ago
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Amazing piece of tech
You get a ryzen 9, an rtx 2060 and a 1080p 120hz display, this is one of the combinations with the best performance per dollar. Out of the box, the PC worked perfectly for me without much tweaking, only problem I had was that it came with windows 10 home rather than pro, which for my case, needed an...
2 years ago
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The 7 Best Laptops - Spring 2022
The laptop feels very well built even though it's mostly plastic, and it's available in two color schemes, Moonlight White or Eclipse Gray.
4 months ago
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Desktop Replacement/Gaming $1400-2000
G14 Zephyrus: some reservations about the screen size, heard bad things about ghosting, but the laptop itself looks great and I've read good things about the keyboard. Gigabyte Aero 17, lowkey design, good image quality, meh keyboard. Alienware m17, good bang for buck, but seems chunky with the big vent on the back. aesthetics are a little too techy for me.
2 years ago
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Great laptop with a couple of caveats
Excellent laptop, great cpu / gpu, storage, build quality. I cannot comment too much on the out of box experience, as I installed Windows 10 Pro instead of home and wiped the drive. Pros: 1. Build quality. Excellent magnesium alloy shell. Well put together. 2, CPU. The Ryazan 9 4900HS is a great per...
Craig Young
1 year ago
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bad packaging, nice product
outer package was too big and Amazon didn't fill cushioning. it is ok since the machine is working, but I cannot trust amazon to buy electronics... the laptop itself is nice. it would be preferable if I could select WQHD for programming. please note that the keyboard doesn't have pgup/pgdn.
2 years ago
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Read the product description carefully.
Before going into this, I thought there was only one type of ROG Zephyrus g14 gaming laptops (excluding the size), but turns out there's two. One with the animated back and one without. Disappointed with this, and also no camera on this laptop. Everything else is great, though.
5 months ago
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ASUS Rog Zephyrus

Screen Size

14 Inches

Hard Disk Size

1 TB