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  • Great for gaming
  • Runs well, graphics are amazing
  • Build quality of the Legion 5 Pro is great
  • Screen is beautiful
  • Keyboard is good but not best-in-class


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Ask HN: Linux Laptop for Workstation
I'd consider the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro, if anything for the very good display.See for example:
Awesome But....the track pad
The screen is awesome. The laptop screen is amazing although it goes from bright to darker rather abruptly. Its super responsive. I love love love all the ports. But... The battery life is almost nothing and then theres the trackpad which is horrible. Its not functional. There are tons of dead spots...
1 year ago
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Legion 5 Pro mini Review
It has good travel distance a distinct feeling and enough feedback and upstroke for me to call it an enjoyable typing experience. I could not get gsync to work on my unit though, im unsure as to why but when i put it into hybrid mode freesync did pop up as an option in the amd radeon utility. Overall, I'm loving this laptop right now and look forward to using it for the foreseeable future.
2 years ago
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Nice but the keyboard will drive you crazy
Laptop is decent. Windows 10 Home is annoying, but that is easy to change to Pro. Pros: - Screen is 500 nits so nice and bright, you can see it outside. !6" size is okay. - About the size of a 15" laptop, so fits in backpacks, etc. - Build quality seems sturdy - Ryzen chip is great Cons: - The keybo...
1 year ago
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My personal list of best gaming laptops in various categories. Hopefully it’s helpful for those looking for a new laptop this year.
Lenovo Legion 5 pro RTX 3070: $1959, Needs new RAM for best performance. With a 32GB RAM it costs ~$2130.
1 year ago
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Lenovo Legion 5 pro - 5800H - RTX 3070
I got my Lenovo Legion 5 pro - 5800H - RTX 3070 laptop yesterday and im from Denmark. Its pretty awesome looking and got decent performance. Then screen is really nice out of the box. I had no dead pixel.
1 year ago
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Dave2D's first impressions of M16 and S17
In this review he spend minutes praising the 16:10 screen how its “awesome for gaming and content creation” a ”peak gaming laptop screen” yet in his Legion 5 Pro review the same screen “is only good for productivity” and “will leave black screen bezels on games”. Idk there’s just seems lots of unfair nitpicking going on.
1 year ago
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Took a month to arrive but love this thing
Cheers mate! The Lenovo Legion 5 Pro with 3060 and 5800H / 5600H (only these two models) debuted in my country on April 8th (Thursday) and Lenovo called me to let me know.
1 year ago
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Finally Legion 5 Pro is here after 5 months of waiting! Love it!
Ordered it last night from Curry’s in the UK and came first thing this morning. The reason why I say finally is because I originally ordered a 5 Pro from Lenovo and the expected date was August 10th! I’d been waiting since it’s unveil in January. So happy with the performance of it.
1 year ago
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Lenovo’s 16-inch Legion 5 Pro is about to get even better
.. The Legion 5 Pro is well stocked with ports
7 months ago
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Lenovo Legion

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16 Inches

Hard Disk Size

1 TB