Razer Blade 15

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  • Made for gaming
  • Powerful processor
  • Solid state drive
  • Dedicated graphics card
  • 16GB or 32GB of RAM


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MacBook Air M1 Fair condition at Best Buy for USD 671 + 3 hours Driving (approx 150 miles, no shipping), Worth it?
I've bought a fair conditioned razer blade 15 from them that was ***beat to hell. *** But it was 3/4 the price and it worked fine but you can tell it was a floor model with the scratches and dents on it. Purchased a fair conditioned surface go from them too that I wasn't able to tell the difference between it and a new one. Your mileage may vary but it can swing either way..
1 year ago
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Pretty disappointing.... Bought 2 Razer blade 15 about a year and a half ago.....one works perfectly, while the other one has issues from day one, and now compounding. List of issues:.
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If a MacBook Pro runs hot or shows high kernel CPU, try charging it on the right
Been quite happy with my Razer blade 15, it's not a ridiculously thick laptop, but thanks to extra tall rubber feet, beefy fans and a couple other tricks it's able to run a gtx 1060 and a hexacore cpu just fine under load.
About 2 months ago, I purchased a Razer Blade 15. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons I had to return it. The customer service at first was amazing.
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It's good at everything a laptop should be great at, and the typing experience is abysmal.
If you're worried about the hardware being outdated, do not be. Dying light 2 maxed to the limit connected to a monitor averages 65fps with drops to 50 in high activity sequences. I usually get 100-130 fps on all low settings. Rainbow 6 on Vulkan averaged 250fps. Both connected to a monitor-bypassin...
5 months ago
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Buy it at a store
An excellent little laptop, but I got two small defects in a row. that's simply not acceptable when I'm paying this much money. Overall, everything is pretty good, and the internals are very powerful. It's a really nice machine. Just don't buy it from here.
Jenna Castellanos
2 years ago
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Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model (Late 2021) Review
A new processor adds a bit of pep, there are a load of fast and sharp display options, the webcam is improved, and unsightly finger smudges are greatly reduced..Otherwise, the Blade 15 is the same great-performing and still highly portable gaming flagship we've praised plenty over the years
Matthew Buzzi
7 months ago
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None of my issues were addressed**, nothing about anything I have explained to them tirelessly about. In all Honesty, this **laptop was CLEARLY defective**, and i was an idiot for not realizing this on time. After the camera incident, and reading online about how HUNDREDS of other people had the same issue, I was still required to pay 122 to send my laptop, and another 65 for the battery, all without any of my original issues being addressed. **I am seriously upset, tiered, and done with Razer**.
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The latest 2021 Blade 15 is the fastest version of itself thus far especially in terms of CPU power.
Allen Ngo
7 months ago
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3. After buying a 3k+ laptop and basically begging to buy a $450 warranty in case something happens to that laptop, I'm probably never buying another Razer product again and this is from someone who has had deep brand loyalty with all the peripherals, not out of some misplaced trust in the company, but because I like all the pretty lights to be synched up and my Razer 15 was legit. Finally, 4. The frontline CS guys bust their ass but are hamstrung by the really, really terrible backend from Razer.
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Razer Blade 15 Base

Screen Size

15.6 Inches

Hard Disk Size

256 GB