Leatherman FREE P4

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  • Great for everyday carry
  • Powerful, innovative, reliable
  • Magnetic system enables one handed use of the internal pliers
  • Heavy duty to feel solid and work perfectly
  • Leatherman is a brand that values quality


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Finally! A leatherman EDC
After this came in, I called Leatherman to buy a pocket clip & they sent me one free. I've carried it as my "pocket knife" every day since(about 3 months so far). Yes, it's a little bulky but has all the tools I regularly need & it's there when I need it; which is usually several times a day. My Cha...
3 years ago
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Unpopular opinion: Leatherman Wave is better than new P4, on almost every measuremt.
But that's not what I use the awl for - I mostly use it to punch holes in hard plastic, wood, and occasionally drywall, and every time I do I am pleasantly surprised with a perfectly round, effortless hole, exactly where I wanted it, every time. If I ever actually need to stitch leather I have a Speedy Stitch which is superior to any multitool anyway. So anyway, yeah, I think the criticisms of the P4 have plenty of merit, and let's be honest, the Wave is a fantastic, timeless tool. But for something that's going to live in my pocket and get used several times a day, I still have to give it to the Free P4.
Great leatherman, despite its reputation
Great leatherman, despite its reputation it can compete with the wave and many others.
George P.
4 months ago
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Extremely Handy, But I Question Some Design Decisions
I'm a big multi-tool enthusiast and I love Leatherman as a brand. I value their quality, as well as the fact that they manufacture their goods (for the most part) in the USA. For context, this is the eighth I have purchased for myself. The tool itself appears solidly made and aesthetically pleasing,...
Spencer L.
3 years ago
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Tested: Leatherman FREE P4
Overall, in the short time we’ve had a FREE P-Series multi-tool to test, we’ve been impressed; the magnetic architecture considerably reduces the effort needed to access and use each of the included tools, allows you to use the FREE P4 with just the one hand if you need to, and having all the implements on the outside of the tool increases useability. It’s a very smart re-invention of what was already a (excuse the pun) very handy tool to have in your backpack, bike-bag or in the glovebox of your car. RRP: $324
The Free P4 is far better in terms of feeling and function than I expected. I installed hardware on and hung a painting and a guitar wall mount with it (no drill) and used it for all daily tasks for work (studio/lab environment) and home, and it has been a star. My beloved Skeletool CX with a Stammer Hammer add-on, my preferred EDC until last week, is now relegated to leaving the house for errands and non-outdoorsy socializing status. I find the Leatherman Ratchet Driver indispensable for both tools; I use it with a small handle.
Leatherman Free P4 Multi-Tool | Review
Why We Chose The Leatherman Free P4 Multi-Tool: Powerful, innovative, reliable. One of the USP’s of the new Free P4 multi-tool from Leatherman is its one-handed usability. It’s got that classic Leatherman look, but now, with the help of a few magnets, and specially designed hinges and locks, you can flip this open quickly and easily, and have immediate use of the internal pliers
3 months ago
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Leatherman FREE P4: Top 5 reasons to consider the FREE P4.
As to why I would want this particular multi-tool, I like the size and weight range, the the fact that it hasn't all in those outside accessible scissors is also a huge plus over the wave plus.
TX Tool Crib
3 months ago
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What I always wanted
This is my 4th Leatherman tool. By far my favorite. I had the Wave and lost it. Bought the Surge but it was too heavy for everyday carry. The Free is where it's at. Love the pocket clip.
Pros - ease of opening/closing
- all the tools outside
- light and small enough to carry in my pocket every...
That Feller
10 months ago
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Favorite multitool?
I know I may be in the minority, but Free P4 for me. I have issues with dexterity in my hands and the Free P4 is so much easier on my hands than my Wave, but it went to my son and he loves it.


Blade Edge Type


Blade Length

2 3/4 in

Closed Length

4 1/4 in

Handle Material

Stainless Steel