Laotie Ti30 Landbreaker

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  • Great for asphalt
  • Slow down well
  • Looks like Boyada version 2
  • Wears a full face Bell Qualifier motorcycle helmet
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€1256 for LAOTIE Ti30 Landbreaker 60V 38.4Ah 21700 Battery 5600W |
*PLEASE NOTE that to avoid customs duties, select Banggood Express or EU Priority LineFor more LAOTIE offers – HEREFor Banggood Coupons see – HERE Features:
● 2800W x 2 wheel motor provides the max 85km/h speed and max 55 degree gradient.
● Turn signal and color screen instrument design.
● 60V 38...
2 months ago
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I bought a helmet that will make me look like a dingus and you should too
All Electric Scooter Guide staff wears a full face Bell Qualifier motorcycle helmet..and so do I. I wear it even riding my Apollo City (every single time since Day 1 riding out; more so with my beast Ti30 LandBreaker that goes >45 mph). Knee and elbow pad as well.. According to ESG, If you ride >20 mph (me, ALL the time; Apollo City >20 mph easy), it is recommended to wear a motorcycle helmet. Chin protection to me is a MUST (I can go for a full face mtb or downhill helmets; but not the geeky open face bike helmets).
LAOTIE Ti30 Price, Specifications, Review, Coupons - COMEBUY
This is the LAOTIE Ti30 Landbreaker which is now available in Banggood for $1599.99. Although the price is a bit expensive, the configuration of this electric scooter is very strong and can be said to be one of the strongest products in this field
2 months ago
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Loving my new nanrobot d4 +
Great selection and great value. I ended up ordering a 5,600W Laotie Ti30 LandBreaker. Costed me only $15 more vs this D4+. I need a torquier scooter with better acceleration and more rugged to tackle awful city pavement driving (vs my small wheeled Apollo City).
Do you lock/leave your scooter outside, or do you bring it inside when going to work, groceries, coffee shops etc?
If I’m too lazy to fold, I park it behind the door and “wrapped” hidden by a curtain, inside one of our unused/unoccupied patient rooms aka my secret Apollo City “garage” (rooms are cleaned/sanitized at end of every work day). 😂. My beast Laotie LandBreaker on the other hand, In an errand, I leave it outside say if I quickly drop off an Amazon Return at a UPS Store (I can see it from the inside anyways). The LandBreaker happens to have an alarm/immobilizer feature (with key fob).



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