Knoll Generation

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  • Great for movement
  • Comfortable
  • Looks modern and sleek
  • Recline mechanism to adjust the seat position
  • 20 inches from here to here


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I Tried It: Generation by Knoll Office Chair
There were definitely mornings I spent more time doing neck and shoulder stretches to alleviate the results of this poor ergonomic setup than I did working. I’ll admit, there were a few factors that went into my upgrade procrastination: 1) office chairs aren’t cheap! 2) they’re also not the most classically good-looking furniture 3) my inability to foresee that, 17 months later, we’d still be working from home either part- or full-time. So, when Knoll reached out about taking a spin in their highly evolved, highly ergonomic Generation chair, I figured I had nothing to lose but all those aches and pains
It's **back support** is great with adjustable tension. IIRC there's adjustment for lower back and upper back tension. The tilt tension is also adjustable with a dial and can be loosened up completely (like most office chairs I've sat in except the Generation).
If you sit at a desk a lot, your back will thank you!
I've had a lot of ergonomic chairs, including the Aeron, Mirra, and even a custom built zero gravity Swiss-made chair. They all have pros and cons. But so far the Knoll Generation is the best of the group. Very firm seat support, although you can get that on lots of chairs. The plus with this chair ...
Gerald P.
10 years ago
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Thin and flimsy padding
My work also replaced all our chairs with these. I sit a bit further up in my chair and these are advertised as made for movement but no matter how much I adjust there's eventually pain. It seems that there's not much padding on the chair cushion between your seat and the plastic so it feels not onl...
Ariel Hayes
6 months ago
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I want a chair to work from home as I'm a student, and to play. This summer I will have 3 months long of studying from home for approximatly 8h/day, so I want a good chair. I might be buying the Knoll Generation, but I read that this chair is recommended for short time usage, not for long days of work. Someone can confirm or infirm this ?.
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At first glance, the knoll generation chair looks like any other modern office chair. However, the design details are what sets this chair apart from others. First, the knoll generation chair features a recline mechanism which allows users to adjust their seating position. Second, the seat height ca...
4 months ago
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Great service
Love the chair. Brand new chair arrived within a few days with its original packaging.
Subhas S.
5 months ago
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The Generation is a chair that I was always interested in. While it is nowhere near as popular as any Steelcase or Herman Miller, it has always stood out to me. The Generation is an older chair, and Knoll has released the Regeneration more recently, but I have don't believe anything Knoll has made has been as striking as the Generation. Sitting in it has also been a great experience.
Knoll Generation Review
It's also manufactured using clean technologies. Once again, this has been the generation chair by Knoll. It's an extremely flexible, green friendly option, which will perfectly accent any workspace
4 months ago
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This is the best purchase I ever made!
I sit at a computer most of the day at work. This chair is by far the best I have ever experienced. It moves when and where you do and makes it possible to concentrate on the work at hand. It gives me great back support and is ergonomic in every way. I had this chair when working for a former employ...
Gail M.
10 years ago
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