Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

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  • Great for off-road
  • Good for riders over 6'2" and 270lbs
  • 360 mile range
  • Comes with off road tires
  • LED headlights


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Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Review: the Leader of the Pack (at Over 45 MPH) » Electric Scooter Guide
Build Quality Except for a cheap metal chain that holds onto the extra metal pin for securing the stem, the scooter is rock solid. The tubular steel exoskeleton frame, massive hydraulic shocks, and hefty construction should hold up to serious abuse. From what we can read online, the scooter is durable for most
They seem to be removing some of these posts now.... Reminder, do not ride an Apollo Phantom without a neck brace or you will need a neck brace 😂
I'm glad I went with the Wolf Warrior seeing all these bad breaks on various scooters. Thanks for sharing. Even then I baby it and don't do crazy jumps or anything. I constantly search for the smoothest path to take.
Best sub £1800 scooter?
I've got the Kaabo Wolf Warrior X and it's mint, fast, good range and can take it off road.
Not very portable tho so depends what you need it for
Budget 2500$, 30 mile range, hills.
Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+. That's what I have and its awesome.
Kaabo Wolf King (Electric Scooter) meets the BMX track.... took my scooter down the track on the weekend boys what a blast! :)
I hope your suspension fluid is topped off. My wolf warrior had sticking suspension which I was able to resolve. I created a post about it if you experience the same thing.
Got my first scooter, I tuned everything down until it “feels like mine”. Side note: I ordered from Kreo to get the black wolf king and they were great.👍🏼
I love my Wolf Warrior 11! Congrats!
Carving Into the New Year on the Wolf Warrior
The last 8 months of riding the Wolf Warrior has been a blast! I've already placed my order for an upgraded scooter, the Dualtron X2. So 2021 will surely be even more exciting when this beast arrives latter this month.
Are scooters with suspension worth the extra money?
The mantis has the best suspension that I have felt. But I soon upgraded to the wolf warrior for the extra power. Suspension is better only if you weigh 200 pounds and over.
Maybe due to 25km/h lock, but scooter was behaving weird: After it reached 20km/h it had engine cutoff until 11km/h and then another burst of power. ## Fourth attempt: Vsett 11+. That was even more weird than 10+, it was getting dark, lighting was great, but power cutoff was even more noticeable.
I’m purchasing a Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 + Tomorrow. I plan in getting it from Voro Motors because they have a 16% sale on the Wolf Warrior 11 + as where Fluid Free Rides has no sale. Voro Motors is selling it for $2,495 I’m saving 16% ($504.00) as where Fluid Free Rides is selling it for $3000.