Kaabo Mantis 10

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  • Great for commuting
  • Very powerful
  • Good build quality
  • Semi hydraulic brakes
  • Price is a little high


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Kaabo Mantis Pro: 40MPH Electric Scooter Hands-On Review
Thanks to FluidFreeRide for giving me the opportunity to test this incredible e-scooter.
2 months ago
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Got the wife her first scooter today
Was originally going to grab her the mantis 8, but for the price the mantis 10 made more sense, took it slow as she’s never ridden a scooter before, let alone a bicycle in over 20 years. She did very well after going through braking and posture. She’s already put 6 miles on it around the neighborhood having the time of her life, she was intimidated by how high it sits and it’s overall size, but said it’s very stabile and makes for a great ride that exceeded her expectations. Now it’s time for me to get one now.
Recently got a kaabo mantis 10. It is awesome I love it.
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Ghost 150 Mile Update
Nothing else out there at the moment has this kind of build quality (I'm looking at you Kaabo Mantis), performance, and comfort at this price point. Are there faster and more comfortable scooters out there? Yes, I'm sure there are several, but there aren't any that have 10" tires weigh less than 65lbs, and cost less than $2300. Oh, and have a good company backing it with great CS support.
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Does the Mantis Pro Minimotors ED have stem quality problem?
As of November 2020, Kaabo Mantis stems are back to their one piece design. The easy way to tell if the stem is an issue is by spotting the grub screw of the 2-part design, just above the triple clamp.
Kaabo Mantis Review: Bomb Proof Build and Quick Like a Rocket » Electric Scooter Guide
Tires The Mantis has large-diameter 10.0 inch by 2.5-inch pneumatic inner tube tires with rounded profiles that give it excellent ride quality
Scootering helped me cope with depression/anxiety from the pandemic , anyone else have the same feelings?
Yes! I’ve been in a horrible deep depression for years and my Mantis 10 has helped me so much. I’ve come a long way this summer thanks to my scooter.
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-Dual suspension for the rough terrain of NYC. -Wider handlebars and the least amount of stem wobble. My budget is $2300. So far, I've seen the Apollo Ghost and Phantom, Varla Eagle One, Solar P1/R1, Yume Y11, VSETT 10+, Blade 10 Evo, Kaabo Mantis, Dualtron Eagle One, Nanrobot D5+ and Turbowheel Lightning+.
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Looking for Scooter <$2000
I would get the mantis and just swap to solid tires when the tubes go, I have 2 mantis 10’s and love them, I have never had stability issues up to 43mph. I upgraded to MTB 720mm handlebars and i can literally take my hand off the bar to scratch an itch at 20 mph. I don’t advise it but it’s stable even more so with mtb bars, had zero tube issues on either, however when I do, I’m doing solids which I know will make the ride quality all around less.
Kaabo Mantis v2 - First Impressions
I have the Mantis 10, nearly 1k miles with zero problems. Only maintenance I've had to do is adjusting brakes and keeping air in the tires. The stem is a little on the spongy side but otherwise I can't complain.