Jinhao 992

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  • Great for the price
  • Flush the pen before inking
  • Nib is a fine, but it's more of a Western fine-medium
  • It is transparent and comes with a converter
  • Always flush the pen between inkings


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Jinhao 992, Transparent, has some toothiness, for those who prefer pens that have feedback.
Jinhao 992, Transparent: Flush clean the pen and let the Section dry overnight before initially inking the pen. Or submerge the NIB section into the ink until the Converter starts to suck up the ink and repeat emptying and filling the Converter 10 times; then wipe the excess ink from the Section and...
Wally Johnn
3 years ago
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Review: Jinhao 992 Fountain Pen | Comfortable Shoes Studio
No affiliate links today. I purchased the goods in this review with my own cash money. No one influenced my review
Jinhao 992 Super-Boring Budget Fountain Pen Review
As for the actual performance of the Jinhao 992, it’s pretty boring in a very consistent, buttery smooth sorta way. The nib is thoroughly unexciting, bordering on dull as it dishes out a consistent, wet western F line.
4 months ago
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2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Audi R8 V10 Decennium // DRAG RACE, ROAD & TRACK REVIEW
TH with such top notch production quality. Love it. As someone who cross shopped a r8, 991.2 turbo S and ended up getting a 570s, I can say after having done it that I'd be taking the 992. The daily liveability is actually really important, as is reliability (when you have a supercar you want it to work all the time...) I've also really come around to the 992 styling.
Jinhao 992 (modified!)
I recommend these heartily if you want a bunch of testers lying about the place, or to give away to friends as starter pens!
Love it!
Great pen! I have quite a few Jinhao 450s, 750s, and 159s, and this 992 is my favorite by far. The nib says it's a fine, but it's more of a Western fine-medium. Not the juicy medium of other above-mentioned Jinhaos. Also, this pen is very light in the hand, which is another difference from other qui...
5 years ago
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Ink Matters
I'd long wanted a demonstrator-style pen for my small collection, and while this one doesn't tick my personal style box, it was inexpensive and rated well by others so I gave it a go. I wish I could remember what I inked it up with the first time, but the pen was overall disappointing. Scratchy, ski...
2 years ago
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This pen is amazing for the price.
I have lots of fountain pens. All the high-lights (It's a hobby -- likely a fetish!), and this compares with all, at least at first impressions. It lays a thick, wet line and is smooth reliably. As an everyday pen it's tough to beat. Pilot Metropolitans beat it at twice the price (still a bargain) a...
El Sooko
4 years ago
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Cheap fountain pen knockoffs worth the try
Jinhao 992 is a sailor knock off, and a really good one at that. It was my go to pen for the longest time. Genuinely amazing for the price, and you get, at least when I bought mine, a pack of 5 ink cartridges AND a converter for using bottles ink in the future (Cheap bottled ink like Parker Quink is the most economical way to fill a fountain pen).
Writes Lovely.
Writes like a regular fountain pen. For what I paid, it is quite the bargain if you are concerned with a smooth writing fountain pen.
3 years ago
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