IWC Big Pilot

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  • Great for formal wear
  • Large size may not be for everyone
  • Good movement and large power reserve
  • Not for everyone due to price
  • John Mayer should no longer be viewed as a watch authority


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What Are The Best IWC Pilot's Watches? Let's Compare
This chronograph has a flyback function allowing you to quickly reset the chronograph with the push of a button without having to first stop, reset and then restart the chronograph.SUMMARY: In order to decide which IWC is the perfect Pilot's watch for you, you would need to consider a few things. Namely, what are you looking to achieve with your pilot's watch? Are you looking for something that has functions made for pilots?
20 days ago
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[SOTC] Don't see too many ladies' collections on here!
1. IWC Pilot 36, sunburst blue dial (IW324008) - 36mm: My newest acquisition! Back in July or August, my partner and I spent a few hours at a few local watch ADs for some watch "window shopping". I'd had a huge brand crush on IWC since March, so I was super excited to try on some of their models.
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[IWC] Help me to understand, I’m not seeing the rationale behind the pricing with this one
Took the day to swing by a few AD’s today to check out some watches. Tried on a IWC Big Pilot for the first time. Aside from being clearly too large for my 6.75 inch wrists, I genuinely liked the watch. Having never experienced an IWC, it did seem like a quality piece.
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[Sinn] 356 - a great alternative for a Speedy?
Can't believe this is not mentioned yet - I'd say this is more of an alternative to an IWC Pilot Chronograph, especially the older, smaller ones like the IWC 3706. They share the same base caliber (ETA 7750) and dial layout.
[SOTC] The Search for the "Perfect" Collection
Honestly, I’d sell the Tudor Chrono and get something a bit more formal. Mix it up. Maybe a JLC or one of the Breitling Heritage Premier B09s. Or, hell, you’ve got a Land, Sea and Space collection. Maybe get an IWC Pilot.
[IWC] Portugieser Hand-Wound Eight-Days Edition "150 Years" (2 photos)
The quality is SUPERB and it feels about the same as the quality in my IWC Big Pilot 5002. If I try to compare these two watches to Rolexes that I own - these IWC's are on a different level. Without a doubt. The Santoni strap (which is the original black alligator strap) is VERY high quality and propably the most high quality strap I have ever seen.
John is a master storyteller and wordsmith, and he was nothing short of that in the video. Among the pieces he showcased included an IWC Big Pilot, contemporary 116710 BLNR, Rolex mil-sub. What I found to be most profound about this video was (1) he didn’t once talk about value or investment and (2) he was so passionate about each piece, and had personal stories to share for most.
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Review: The IWC Big Pilot 43 - Worn & Wound
As I finish up this evaluation of the watch, I’m not entirely sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Part of any watch review, whether it’s intentional or not, involves asking yourself if you could live with this watch in your own collection, and what that would look like.
20 days ago
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[IWC] Help me to understand, I’m not seeing the rationale behind the pricing with this one
Lastly, what I like most about IWC is that they aren’t trying to gimmick you. Like any watch brand today there is redundancy in their collection and they will offer special editions, but no matter what particular model you choose you’re getting comparable watches and an example that can stand on its own as an example of the larger line. If you own one Big Pilot, that’s probably all you’ll need. If they release a newer model a few years down the line, your model will still stand the test of time and represent the brand well.
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[IWC] IWC’s new Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar Edition
To the extent the Big Pilot wasn’t an elegant watch to begin with, I actually really like it.
I’m a sucker for bordeaux red and the black ceramic and touches of gold.. it shouldn’t work but it does for me.
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