Invicta Pro Diver

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[Invicta] Just got the call from my AD 😍 22057
She left the room for about 15 mins while I waited, giving no indication that they had anything. I assumed she was helping another client but sure enough, she came back with this beautiful Invicta Pro Diver. I tried it on and it was an instant yes! So happy with it!.
and easily the best
I've purchased several "homage" Submariners in the past 10 years. This one is the least expensive, and easily the best. By way of background, the first was a Steinheart Ocean-1. After a couple of years the bezel ring would no longer click but just free wheel and the watch gained over 10 seconds a da...
6 years ago
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[Tudor] After years of wearing a SKX009 it was time to treat myself to a new watch.
I started off with an invicta pro diver. After that one got all scratched up and could not keep time anymore I upgraded to the Pepsi SKX009. Got that one on my wrist for years and was in need of a good service.
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[Invicta Pro-diver] Can’t really understand why people hate this so much.
People hate it because it’s such an extreme outlier for Invicta. Everything else they make is gaudy, oversized rubbish, and they employ shady business practices to sell them. I get why you’d be inclined to hate it if you didn’t know better or had never seen one yourself. But then you’ve got the Pro Diver, which IMO is the single best-value watch in the world.
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First and last Invicta
Ordered this watch in September. At first I was pleased. Kept accurate time, looked good. Good copy of Rolex. Then the stem came out. As per instructions, I sent it in with $28.00 to the warranty center. Receive a phone message that they could replace the movement, which I didn't think necessary, un...
Amazon Customer
5 years ago
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[Invicta Pro Diver 29178] Hated and Loved, My first automatic
Just in the past I bought this Invicta Pro Diver 29178 from Amazon, a really nice watch, it has its slight problems, such as lumen, a regular quality clasp and hollow end links. For the price that I found it (about 80 dollars) I could not be happy, I love the general look, and some invicta details such as the applied logo, the counterweight of the second hand and the jubilee bracelet I love in a great way.
[Invicta] big no no?
Hot take I think Invicta Pro Diver is a good value at their market price. They are sub $100 auto with a good movement and pretty good fit and finish.
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8926 vs the Ubiquitous 9937 ... watch collector and Dive Master
My first dive watch was Seiko's first dive watch, the 62 MAS introduced in 1965. I've collected watches ever since. The watch pictured next to my Ball Skindiver is the Seiko Prospex Reinterpretation of that original watch, their newer 1965 Automatic Diver's Watch SPB051J1. I wore that original Seiko...
Bill Branscum
1 year ago
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[Invicta] Great Value for My First Automatic
This is my first ever Automatic mechanical watch and while we can all agree that Invicta is not the most prestigious/honest watch brand, I can't help but think the Pro Diver is great value for the money. I paid about $70 for a hacking, hand winding, 200m water resistant automatic! I opted to buy a tan leather NATO to replace the stainless steel bracelet and I think it works well. My chuffed bits think so too!.
[Oris] Divers 65 with the new Caliber 400
Gonna be honest. The indices not being applied makes this look like the Invicta 1953 diver...





Japanese TMI NH25A

Power Reserve

41 Hours

Case Size

44 mm