Inokim OXO

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  • Great for rugged trails
  • Unique single-sided swing arm design
  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Oh so close to perfection
  • Ungainly beast


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INOKIM OXO electric scooter review
Overall: Pros include: best braking ever tested, best suspension, outstanding range, superbly built, and best in class folding mechanism Overall cons include frustrating throttle response and a hard plastic deck with grip tape. The Enokim Auxo is my new favorite scooter to ride.
Electric Scooter Guide
2 months ago
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it can't be that much bigger, I tell myself. reality...
For me the Inokim OXO has the perfect size. I do want the Burn-E but it's a bit too big for me I think. Will never be able to fit in my trunk like my OXO did, which kind of changes it's functionality
New purchase. Couldn’t be happier!
I was just out riding this today with my son. Inokim OXO, great scooter!
Thoughts on having a Widewheel Pro as a secondary “fun” scooter?
An Inokim OXO is my favourite ride for fun, just edging out the Kaabo Mantis Elite. The Wolf Warrior is nice but costly. I haven't ridden an Apollo or Dualtron but I hear the upper models are good.
Looking for a list of scooters that comes with sine wave controllers.
Inokim OXO uses the same controllers as OX, it just has an additional one for the front wheel in the added enclosed compartment at the front. Quite a few Chinese manufacturers off Alibaba use sinewave controllers. In addition to the mentioned Laotie 19 / ZonDoo ZO01 Pro, a number of FLJ models have sinewave controllers too. By the way, for scooters that don't have sinewave controllers, like Dualtrons, there are exponential trigger modules available which make it easier and smoother to run such powerful scooters at low speed.
Inokim OXO: a stunning escooter but with a few quirks
and then last but not least is going to be how fast this takes off. It's not going to be the super fast thing where you run it off and take off and win a race, but besides that, everything else is great. Andrew has pointed out some of the cons to the scooter that we've discovered as we've been riding it, and some of the I 100 agree except for that last part
Jimmy Chang
2 months ago
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First time buyer
I'm partial to Inokim OXO which has a thumb throttle and more gradual acceleration, but still plenty of power. There are many cheaper options too, but with those you tend to get what you pay for: while performance isn't compromised, quality generally is.
Those of you considering Apollo scooters (Warranty)
This is why I tell people to take a look at Inokim Oxo. They are not frankenscooters...
Question about scooters
I owned an Inokim OXO for a year and put 4000 km on the odometer. I sold it and the next owner already put another 5000 km on the odometer, so two years and 9000 km on that thing, still going very strong. Get a quality product and you won't regret it later.
New to electric scooters - F(26), 95lbs. What are the best lightweight scooters in medium price ranges?
It's fast but controller burned really quickly due to poor quality. I then got an Inokim OXO, after 6000 kms, decided I really love riding scooters, and bought a Dualtron Thunder, which is a crazy fast scooter at the time. It's now a hobby of mine and I truly learned a lot from this hobby, like both mechanical and electrical knowledge. Meanwhile also had tons of fun, and met a lot of new friends in my otherwise lonesome and boring life lol.


Charge Time

14 hrs

Top Speed

65 km/h (Check local laws before use) (40 mph)

Max Load

120 kg (265 lbs)

Foldable Size

122 x 20.3 x 54 cm (48 x 8 x 21.3 in.)