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  • Great for beginners
  • Good range and speed
  • All terrain design
  • IPX rating is good but not the best in class
  • Relatively unknown outside Europe


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INOKIM Ox Review - Most Comfortable Ride Yet?
If you’re willing to pay more for the bigger battery because you have a long commute, it’s worth it. Final verdict. The INOKIM Ox lives up to its name
2 months ago
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Wait for New Scooters or Buy Now?
It's worth a look if you can find one available near you for a good price. I but found the OX had a noticeably better suspension, more comfortable throttle and I preferred the overall aesthetics of it so chose that.
What do you think of Unagi Scooters?
For these trips I would never take my Inokim Ox or even my Ninebot G30LP. (Those scooters will be used tomorrow, when my son and I go ride Summer Streets, a car-free morning in NYC that is so much fun.). Right now the Unagi belongs to my 14 year old.
Inokim OX Review: So Much More Than Stats » Electric Scooter Guide
The OX was designed from the ground-up with many custom parts. This makes a massive difference in terms of quality. The whole scooter fits together well and just works — unlike many other “Frankenscooters” — it is not one that was built from a bin of generic scooter parts
Which E-Scooter Has The Best Balance Of Distance, Portability, & Durability?
Just majorly sucks if you get a puncture in the back. I upgraded to an Inokim OX, and would highly recommend that, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking that on trains and it’s a bit too heavy to be considered truly portable.
What are the Scooter laws in your country?
Main difference is that a moped cannot be ridden on sidewalks, though it can be ridden on the road, and a helmet must be worn, which is OK with me. That's one of the reasons I went with Inokim OX, which has a 1000w motor, 25 kph speed limit when I want to apply it, and a 45 kph manufacturer's speed limit for when I unlock it.
Advice Please, was I in the wrong?
It’s exactly why I choose not to ride with a motorcycle helmet every time I use my motorcycle helmet with my Inokim ox cars are trying to drag race. Yeah I’m real impressed your BMW can go faster than my thousand watt single motor scooter. I think people that have been riding motorcycles have been dealing with this shit for a long time also.
Are electric scooters, regardless of brand, generally just poor build quality across the board?
I never had issues with the it(M365) despite riding it to and from work (10km) every weekday and almost every weekend during the time it was with me. As for the Inokim OX, since it arrived during the pandemic, I only got to use it for 4km. Nevertheless, I have never had issues with it also despite riding it in rougher roads. I also trust in the brand after seeing it being ridden by numerous Singaporeans in my numerous visits to their country.
INOKIM Ox Deep Dive | Is it Worth the Price Tag?
So overall, the build quality is very good. Now, before we close this unboxing up, I just want to give you a little bit of a comparison to see what you can get for your money if you're interested in the Inner Kim Ox and maybe any of the other scooters which I'm going to mention now. So the closest competitors to the Innokim Ox out of that database of 100 plus scooters in terms of price are the Apollo Ghost, the Mantis Bass, and the V-set 9 plus r
Electric Scooter Insider
2 months ago
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Scooter to match OneWheel XR
I'm in the same boat as you, I'm still researching it but I think I will get an inokim ox. If you go to electric scooter guide review they have a $100 off coupon.


Charge Time

6-8 hrs

Max Load

120 kg (265 lbs)

Foldable Size

122 x 20.3 x 54 cm (48 x 8 x 21.3 in)


Independent and Adjustable Front and Rear Torsion