Inokim Light 2

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  • Great for urban environments
  • Powerful 350 watt motor
  • Low center of gravity makes the scooter much easier to balance as well
  • Premium design with lots of specs
  • Reliable and long-lasting


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INOKIM Light 2 Review ~ | Gadget Review
INOKIM Light 2 Wrap UpTo review INOKIM would be to review and praise not only its amazing battery life, but it’s incredibly fast charging speed as well.
2 months ago
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* Inokim Light 2. * Unagi Model One (tires may be an pretty uncomfortable ride though).
My Ninebot Max G30LP arrived today!
I replaced my Inokim Light 2 with this as I fancied something a bit bigger and a bit sturdier and so far I’m impressed! Feel free to ask me anything or if you have any tips I’d be grateful!
I recently got an inokim light 2 and absolutely love it. I am not planning on leaving it outside, however, in the unforseen event that someone tries to jump me for my scooter (big city life) I'd like to get it back if possible ... But I don't get how people discretely attach the devices.
M365 Pro vs INOKIM Light 2 vs ZERO 9
Inokim light 2. Good. + Nice design. + Simple and elegant control display.
Inokim Light 2: More Than Just Good Looks » Electric Scooter Guide
The top of the deck is covered in rough grip tape that helps you stay firmly planted on it. Build Quality The Light 2 maintains Inokim’s reputation for outstanding build quality, and the Light 2 is no exception. Inokim scooters are among the best in the world when it comes to design and quality and rate right up there with E-TWOW/UScooters
I have a solar p1 and the inokim light 2 both are fun and decently quick
So my rating for the Inokim Light 2 for UK usage is 1/10. I know its not rated waterproof but I had been told by Inokim representatives that it is resistant and will handle damp roads etc which is the worst weather condition I'd ever use it in, the one time mentioned above where it got soaked was because I got off the train and it was just pissing down with rain so I decided to walk it to the bus stop and that's when error 22 occurred, not even from riding it in the rain, it just got wet while I was walking it. So my conclusion is that the Inokim Light 2 is only suitable for dry countries and that it is akin to riding a scooter shaped laptop or some other delicate technology.
Inokim Light 2 Electric Scooter Review
The Light 2 is indeed reliable for the rider’s daily commuting tasks. It’s designed for daily use in urban environments and offers just the needed performance.
2 months ago
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M365 Pro vs INOKIM Light 2 vs ZERO 9
inokim light 2 is horrible. cheap junk at premium price.



350W Brushless Motor

Charge Time

4 hours

Road Lights

Front & Rear built-in lights


Maintenance-free front and rear drum brakes