Humanscale Freedom

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The old pre 2014 ones are better made
The old ones are better and It's not the same chair anymore. We had a few dozen of these chairs in the office and most people use to love them, however it seems the new ones are of lower quality .. Too many of the components have changed 1. The armrests are not as thick or as comfortable 2. Armrest ...
5 years ago
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Expansive Review of the Humanscale Freedom Task Chair - Office Interiors
When you lean back, the seat automatically adjusts. When you turn to switch positions at your desk, the seat turns and locks in place at the angle you want. It’s simple and easy to use without the fuss, clicks, and effort you need with other chairs
4 months ago
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Which Computer Chair should I buy? (not sure if right Reddit)
If you don't like mesh back, look at Steelcase Leap, Humanscale Freedom, Herman Miller Embody. Herman Miller has 12 year warranties -- Steelcase and Humanscale will be competitive. All are fully serviceable from companies that manufacture their own for at least 20 years.
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Humanscale Freedom Task Chair - Forma Furniture
Skip to contentHome / OfficeDesigned to complement any space and integrate effortlessly into the modern office, the Humanscale Freedom task chair offers comfort, style and complete ease of use. Created by Niels Diffrient and winner of more than 10 design awards, the Freedom task chair uses the laws ...
4 months ago
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**Humanscale Freedom** (Looks OK, intrigued by gel arms and seat (BTOD say its bad though) not a fan of the way your head is pushed when reclining. Doesn't lock upright. Arms arent super-flexible compared to competitors).
Humanscale Freedom Office Desk Chair Review
Humanscale Freedom Office Desk Wrap Up. The Humanscale Freedom Headrest Desk Chair and the Freedom Task Desk Chair are a great addition to any home office or work office.
4 months ago
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Humanscale Freedom Chair • Deals, Reviews & Trending Products | SERP Shop
Humanscale Freedom Office Desk Chair with Headrest - F213 Advanced Highly..
4 months ago
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What do you guys recommend for a good ergonomic chair?
I have a Humanscale Freedom at work since we have a contract with them, and I hate it with a burning passion. It's like a torture device. The back auto reclines with the slightest pressure and has no way to lock it out or limit it, so unless you sit at your desk like you sit on a toilet you're going to be miserable. It may work if you're tiny but anyone over 6', eliminate it from consideration.
Humanscale Freedom Standard Task Chair - Order Today
Winner of ten design awards to date—including the Design Distinction Award in the prestigious ID Design Review 2000 competition—the Freedom chair by Niels Diffrient has revolutionized the task chair industry. Its weight-sensitive recline, synchronously adjustable armrests, and dynamically positioned...
I was previously using a Humanscale Freedom that my friend loaned me until I could afford a good ergonomic chair myself (I had a Ikea Jarvfjallet before that, but found it too uncomfortable once I started working from home). I liked the Freedom, other than it made a lot of noise when moving, which woke the house up on an evening, so I decided against buying another.
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Maximum Weight Recommendation

300 Pounds



Seat Height

21 Inches