Grand Seiko SBGA413

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  • Great for the price
  • Beautiful design
  • Very accurate timekeeping
  • Comfortable to wear and light weight
  • Good quality


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[Grand Seiko] The honeymoon period still isn’t over with this one
Here’s my Grand Seiko SBGA413 Shunbun watch with a pink tone dial inspired by cherry blossoms in the Spring of Japan. I picked this piece up just over a month ago and every single time I put this on my wrist I am awe struck. Even my spouse who is completely not interested in watches agrees this the most beautiful watch ever. From the hypnotizing smooth sweep of the Spring Drive to the mirror polishing on all the hands and indices, this watch is truly an experience to own.
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[Grand Seiko] Ever walk into a store and come out with something you didn’t expect to?
Behold the Grand Seiko SBGA413 from the Four Seasons collection. This particular piece represents the Spring Cherry Blossoms and I’m here to tell you, it’s the most beautiful dial I’ve ever seen on a watch. I stopped by my AD today planning to pick up a SBGW231 (mechanical 3 hand time only watch) but when she pulled this piece out of the drawer it was game over. I was instantly mesmerized by this dial and could not take my eyes off of it.
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[SOTC] three years of watch collecting... what have I gotten myself into?
From left to the right: the Seiko SKX013, the Tudor Black Bay 58 in black, the Grand Seiko SBGA413, the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 38 and the Nomos Tangente 38. I started in the watch collecting path after acquiring the Nomos. I do not see this watch in the long term in my collection although I really like it. The movement is well decorated and the dial, while simple, is beautiful, but the case feels delicate and not to the same quality as the rest of the watch.
[Grand Seiko] In the market for green dial? This should be the one
But when the sun hits it, it really comes to life. As you can see from the close-up picture the dial is beautifully textured. I was originally a little skeptical about the gold hands and indices, but after wearing the watch for about a year now, I can’t imagine it any other way. It makes it more versatile in my opinion, and this thing looks killer on a cognac colored strap.
Basically I want to get my first luxury watch and I've really fallen in love with the Grand Seiko SBGA413 Spring season edition. Love it. But I don't have a dressy lifestyle. I'm a blue collar tradesman and I'm usually dressed in a t shirt, jeans, sneakers, maybe a hoodie or bomber jacket, so quite casual.
Everything works fine on it but there are quite a bit of scratches on the bezel. It is unpolished and doesn't come with box or papers. I need to track other time zones for work occasionally so the GMT hand may be useful to me. Grand Seiko SBGA413 "Shunbun" new from dealer - MSRP is $6600 and I am unsure how negotiable that is tbh.
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[Grand Seiko] SBGA413 “Spring” fresh from my AD :)
Finally got the call from my AD to come by to pick up my Grand Seiko SBGA413. This model is the “Spring” edition from their Seasons Collection. Pictures really don’t do this watch justice. I have had my eye on Grand Seiko for a little while now and have fallen in love with the the quality and craftsmanship you’re getting for the price.
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[BALTIC] Baltic announces MR01
Beautiful piece! This photo made the salmon dial look very pinkish (kind of like the Grand Seiko SBGA413 press photos) but looking at the Hodinkee article seems to be more matte than the photo gives off!. Great watch for someone who would love to wear a "dress" watch everyday, especially with that micro-rotor. Chinese movement or not still cool technology with a focus on the design of the watch.
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[Grand Seiko] The Cherry Blossom 🌸
The Grand Seiko SBGA413 or Cherry Blossom in my opinion is one of the greatest watches grand Seiko produces. As part of their seasons collection the cherry blossom represents spring. While everyone loves to talk about the snowflake, the cherry blossom deserves serious consideration if you’re looking to get into Grand Seiko, the subtle pink dial looks silver in most lighting and only under some angles does the pink hue shine through. The spring drive movement on these watches is phenomenal, you can’t find a smoother sweep anywhere else.
[Grand Seiko] Didn't think I'd manage to get one but here is the SBGA469 Katsu-iro
I've been wanting a GS for a while now and had been looking at the snowflake or the SBGA413 but just never pulled the trigger. Once I saw this and the beautiful indigo dial, I had to try and pick one up. The picture honestly does not do the color justice, it's such a dark and deep shade of indigo that looks stunning up close and in person.


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