Glycine Combat Sub

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  • Eye catching pebbled dial
  • Comes with a NATO strap
  • Solid movement
  • Affordable
  • Good value for the money


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Glycine Combat Sub Bronze Watch Review - A Budget Tudor Black Bay Bron
It is discontinued, but I still bought mine new from an online retailer and it is not hard to find them at significant discounts online (or even at Costco of all places). This might be because Invicta owns the Glycine brand, and that seems to be Invicta's business model. Either way, thanks to a discount code, I paid just over $300 for the bronze Combat Sub
20 days ago
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[Glycine Combat Sub] New addition to the collection
I just recently picked up this Glycine Combat Sub from another redditor. The pebbled dial on this thing is amazing and I think its definitely my favourite of the combat sub variants. It brings a bit of a Black Bay, Submariner, and Explorer vibe all thrown together for something that is extremely eye catching.
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[Ball] New watch day! Ball Engineer M (40mm)
This came yesterday and I’m beyond impressed. After wearing the same Glycine Combat Sub for five years, I was ready for a change.
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Had this watch a couple weeks now and I really like it. First NATO strap watch and so far it’s growing on me. The movement seems solid. The bezel had a slight click when you pushed in on it but that went away so I think it was not seated from handling or something. Very nice grip on the edges and th...
8 months ago
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Owner Review: Glycine Combat Sub Vintage – A Black Bay 58 Alternative?
Is the Glycine Combat Sub Vintage an alternative to the BB58? To me: At this point in my journey, the answer is yes.
20 days ago
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[Breitling] Graduation Gift - Navitimer
I think Glycine makes a great affordable diver. You'll hear people howl about Invicta owning them, but I really like my Combat Sub. It doesn't look like just another Submariner homage and it's well-made. I currently have a trio of Glycines and enjoy them all.
Awesome watch!!
Awesome,comfy and well made. Extremely pleased with my purchase.
K Barajas
5 months ago
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[Official] Black Friday Promotion Thread
Macy's has the Seiko SKX007 for $200, and the Citizen Promaster Tough (green) for $216.
Costco has the Glycine Combat in basic black or white for $300
[Advice] Rugged sub $1000/500 watches like Sinn 856 / Sinn U50 / Rolex Exporer 2
A Glycine Combat sub is basically a tool/field/military/dive watch combination all in one watch, and you can pick one up for $300-400. There is nothing special about the steel that will prevent dings. But honestly, I use mine like a tool and if it has some dings after a few years, that's either character or if it bugs me, I'll buy a new one.
Glycine Combat Sub - The REAL (long-term) watch review
Ontario So this has been my you know, long-term review of this watch. It's really hard to think of any negatives now that I've come to appreciate it more and more.
20 days ago
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