Garmin Edge 130

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  • Great for beginner cyclists
  • Garmin's software is easy to use
  • Pricewise, the Edge 130 sits in between the Edge 520 and Lezyne Super GPS
  • Garmin Edge 130's feature set is stripped down compared to
  • 130's screen really shines in the sunlight


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Garmin Edge 130 review
With a tendency to be the more expensive head units on the market, the new £169.99 Edge 130 is a step into more competitive territory for the brand, going directly against the feature packed Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt and the astonishingly good-value Lezyne Super GPS.An all round great product, well done Garmin
3 months ago
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He could very well have killed me had I landed on my head. If he had crossed my in a supermarket and thought I was taking too much space in the alley, would he have pulled a gun and shot me ?. Second worse thing, I didn't think to stop my Garmin Edge, so my average speed for the ride is down 2 km/h. I had pushed hard in hills the whole ride for a good threshold workout, what a waste.
Don't buy this product (Garmin Edge 130)
I bought the Garmin 130 GPS enabled cycling computer from Amazon on 06-14-19 ... ($199.99) .... On 08-26-19, while I was on a ride, It froze up completely, with the time, distance and speed, of the ride I was on still visible on the screen. It would not allow me to reset it or enter any other inform...
3 years ago
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Garmin Edge 130 review
That said, the claimed battery life on the 130 is superior by at least five hours. Garmin Edge 520 review. Garmin Edge 520 vs Wahoo Elemnt Bolt
3 months ago
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Best buy computer with GPS and power tracking?
Garmin Edge 130. Small but very powerful. I bought one last year for €130 and I'm very satisfied with it.
Garmin Edge 130 Plus GPS bike computer review
Weighing just 34 grams, with its mounting hardware adding another 6g, and with a 45mm diagonal screen, the Garmin Edge 130 Plus is Garmin’s smallest GPS cycling computer in its current range.
It’s the same size as the Edge 130, but for an extra £20 packs in some useful extra functionality, includin...
3 months ago
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Using Android phone as a bike computer
I'd wager spending $150 on a Garmin Edge 130($200 for a bundle with a HR strap that works 10x better than the watch's HR) is the best solution. Using a phone mounted causes it to jiggle around and will ruin it's camera. Or you can buy a quick release strap for your Fenix cheap on Amazon and mount it.
9:00 until 12:00), having completly clear sky. Also it is worth mentioning that I live in central Europe, so solar power is at its peak in this weeks. I tracked my ride with my bike computer Edge 130 so my Instinct was sitting idle on my wrist, collecting sun energy. When I returned I checked battery life, which shoved 33% - so that means solar power managed to gain 6% of battery life in 3 hours.
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Garmin Edge 130 Plus
What’s The Bottom Line?. The Garmin Edge 130 Plus does its job, and how cool is that? A thing that performs as expected. The UI is clear, simple and easy to use and with a good price tag this is a great option for any rider looking to track their efforts with a simple yet feature-rich device
3 months ago
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Garmin edge 130+ simple package (not MTB bundle) seems like a suitable unit for my purposes, however it has no proper maps and navigation is going only with the line. The price is around 145€ for this simple one.


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