Hammerhead Karoo 2

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  • Great for bike packing
  • Dramatically faster and more slick than the competition
  • Device is easy to set up and also very easy to sync data to and from
  • Karoo 2 from Hammerhead takes the original Karoo design and slims it down


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Hammerhead Karoo 2 - LOOOOONG term review
I just didn't really care for the 830s hardware and the element rome feels too expensive, especially compared against the bolt v2.
Ride Adelaide
4 months ago
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Side by side cycling workout results from the GW4 and a bike GPS paired with a heart rate chest strap. See comments for details.
The ride data from my Karoo 2 was first uploaded to Strava, then synced to Samsung Health. The result show that the GW4 was very consistent with the data tracked by the Karoo 2 and Garmin chest strap. For some reason the graphs for the Karoo 2 are very smoothed out in Samsung Health, but I think this happened when the data synced from Strava to Samsung Health because the graphs do not look like that on Strava. This is only my first test but I'm happy with the results so far.
Cycling computers evolved
After owning a Garmin Edge 520 for 5 years, the battery was not lasting longer than 6 hours anymore and the device just felt a bit old fashioned and out of date.
Having looked at all the alternatives, the Hammerhead Karoo2 looked like the most progressive and modern device out there, so a month ago...
1 year ago
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Anybody Regret Buying Wahoo Bolt
USB C too. The best for navigation is still the Hammerhead Karoo 2, their maps are insanely clear and they're adding new features all the time.
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Hammerhead Karoo 2 Long-Term Review + Predictive Path Technology
Karoo 2’s Ideal OwnerThe Karoo 2 is excellent overall, and no one is likely to be disappointed.
4 months ago
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Which cycling computer to buy?
Karoo 2 has been incredible, and while it has a lot of features I don't personally need or use I have my own profiles set up with just the ones I want on-screen (most of the others do that too). I'd say touch screens are only beneficial if the UI is good. The Karoo's is excellent - but of course it's still easier to navigate with gloves on via the buttons.
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Hammerhead Karoo 2: Lemme See That!
The Karoo 2 from Hammerhead takes the original Karoo design and slims it down. But that’s just a small update to the original. The rest of the Karoo 2’s package aims to take on GPS head unit giants. With a focus on claiming the screen optics crown and navigation supremacy, the Karoo 2 packs in a ton...
New Wahoo Elemnt soon?
I just got a hammerhead karoo 2. I like it much more than my old garmin 820 and wahoo bolt. The mapping features are really good and I've found the interface super logical and easy while riding.
Test Lab: Hammerhead Karoo2
Overall, the Karoo 2 is a breath of fresh air and a joy to use. Layout is simple, battery life is perfectly sufficient at 12-hours, the screen is second to none, operation is fast and accurate, and the screen is the best we’ve used. After a month riding the unit I think it’s fair to say we’ll be seeing plenty more Karoo 2’s on Aussie riders’ bars
What device for tracking distance, speed, fitness etc?
Garmin 130/130+/530/830/1030/1030+
Wahoo Roam/Bolt
Hammerhead Karoo
Stages bike computers
All the above are perfectly suitable. Read the DC Rainmaker reviews to see more detail about each unit. I happily use a Garmin 830.
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