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Garmin Edge 830

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  • Great for cycling
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of features
  • Strava integration and custom apps


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Road biking, everything you need Garmin support, second to none
I did alot of research before deciding on this unit. It has way more features then I’ll ever use but that means it has everything I need. It is a bit of a struggle to setup. For some reason the Bluetooth pairing initially kept failing. A simple reboot of both phone and garmin fixed the issue. The to...
3 years ago
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Garmin Edge 830 Review | Cycling Weekly
So that's my review of Garmin's edge 8:30 compute.
Cycling Weekly
4 months ago
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Garmin's route recalculation is a garbage fire. Garmin: "Make a u-turn".
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He could very well have killed me had I landed on my head. If he had crossed my in a supermarket and thought I was taking too much space in the alley, would he have pulled a gun and shot me ?. Second worse thing, I didn't think to stop my Garmin Edge, so my average speed for the ride is down 2 km/h. I had pushed hard in hills the whole ride for a good threshold workout, what a waste.
Garmin Edge 830 Review: My First Bike Computer
Tech lovers will appreciate its ability to connect with their phones, power meters, and Shimano Di2 shifting. Plus, its strong battery life and ability to download routes quickly are great for bikepackers.
4 months ago
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Garmin Edge 830 GPS computer review
Sitting one down from the top of Garmin’s Edge cycling computer product range, the new Garmin Edge 830 GPS supersedes the popular and top performing Edge 820 that we reviewed back in 2017.
How good is the Garmin Edge 830?
The Edge 830 builds on the 820’s impressive array of features with on-device...
4 months ago
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I'm getting more and more disappointed by Garmin. What's Your Opinion?
I personally love the load focus and when I start running more I'll upgrade to the 945 or whatever is out then. The recovery does at least. The Edge 830 is 2 years newer. Yeah not great but it is what it is.
Garmin Edge 830 Review - Bike Test Reviews
Final thoughtsTh Garmin Edge 830 offers an impressively robust set of features, some more polished than others. There is no doubt that it is currently the leader of its category in the cycling GPS units on the market, offering features functionality beyond any direct competitors. The hardware has the usual Garmin quality with a right and easy to read color display and a responsive touchscreen
4 months ago
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GPS Device Suggestion (Gift for Wife)
If you crash, it gives you a countdown to intervene to stop an incident message to your emergency contact. I've gone down twice this year (once low speed on a trail, the other on a corner at pretty good speed). The detection worked - it beeped at me until I stopped the message. So I'm a fan.
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Garmin 530 Edge navigation seems...very underwhelming. What are options for bike computers with more responsive navigation with better UI?
I have the Edge 830. It is similar to your experience... works pretty well for the "happy path" but it takes a couple minutes to "calculate route" at the beginning, and it is pretty slow to react to any unexpected events. Overall not impressed.... if I need to re-plan the route mid-ride I usually pull out my phone and use RideWithGPS or Google Maps.