Fluid Freeride Horizon

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  • Great for commuting
  • Good battery life
  • Comfortable ride
  • Smooth acceleration and braking
  • Easy to use


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Fluid FreeRide Horizon Review: 26 Mi Range Commuter » Electric Scooter Guide
Build Quality Overall, the Horizon has good build quality, but not the same level of finish we see on more mass-manufactured scooters like the M365.
I ordered 2 scooters - a Fluid Freeride Horizon and a Hiboy S2 Pro. I rode the Hiboy around a bit the day they came but really not that much. Yesterday I took the Horizon for a much longer ride, I'd say a couple of hours. Really enjoyed it and had fun, but I could tell my calf on my back leg (right) was a little bit sore.
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With that being said, it's insanely fun to ride and such a quick and smart way to commute (if your commute has the right conditions). The ride quality is amazing and I can't wait for mine to leave the shop so I can go ride it some more.
After considering everyone's advice I was able to snatch a really good deal for a Fluid Freeride Horizon with about 350 mi for $340 bucks. I was originally debating between M365s, Hiboys, Ninebots, and even the iSinwheels with the Walmart special. I was lucky enough to get to get a feel for all the other brands and cannot express how much better built/better specs the Fluid scooter has considering it is an entry-level scooter. I only regret I wasn't able to purchase an Apollo City as my first scooter, but that's ok.
New scooter in front of new high school
Fluid Freeride Horizon. Great Scoot. I have the same one as well. Enjoy your new toy!
FluidFreeRide Horizon Electric Scooter Review | 48V 10.4Ah 25mph
While we would never recommend riding through puddles or in the wet, the height provides ample splash protection. We experienced no issues during our tests. There are no real standout issues to be aware of from other user-reviews
2 months ago
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I recently got a Fluid FreeRide Horizon, and I love it, but the one major downside is the jerkiness and lack of control at lower speeds. I am in the city, so I often have to drive very slow while around people or other random situations. I did already order a thumb throttle, and will be installing it this weekend, so that may help a bit, but it seems like the controller is the big thing.
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Hiboy S2 Pro vs Fluid Freeride Horizon
Be aware, the small screws in the stem will come loose and need tightening. Now the Horizon. Where the Horizon shines: fast, softer more comfortable ride, super easy to fold up into a very compact and portable form, nice comfy wide bars that fold down, great grips.
FluidFreeRide Horizon Electric Scooter Review - ERideHero
Overall, this scooter gets 7.9 out of 10 possible points.
2 months ago
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Is the Hiboy S2 as horribly bumpy as reviews say?
I just got an S2 in addition to my Fluid freeride horizon. It's actually not as bad as I expected and the honeycomb tires actually do make a diff vs the solid rear tire of the horizon.