Fire Maple Blade 2

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  • Great for ultralight backpacking
  • Titanium construction
  • Well built feel
  • Lightest that doesn't suck
  • Comes with a pot support


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Best Option for Ultralight Stove
Everybody compares this to the BRS-3000T so I'll start there. At first glance they look extremely similar and the BRS is a few grams lighter coming in just under an ounce. The Fire Maple is actually the original and if you pay attention to the pictures you'll notices some brass and steel parts in th...
Mike Barber
3 years ago
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Excellent stove great performance
The media could not be loaded. The Blade 2 has a very well built feel and weighed in on my digital scale at 134 grams (4.7 ounces). As a remote stove it features a tube for the fuel to run to the stove body. This stove strikes an excellent balance between size/ weight and function. Being remote it c...
David M. Iannotti
3 years ago
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My camp stove crapped out on me
The Fire Maple Blade 2 will be much better in the wind (since you can use a full wind screen, and will be much better for handling larger pots and pans. The Blade 2 also has a generator loop which helps tremendously in lower temperatures and higher altitudes.
Fire Maple Blade 2 Ultra Light Titanium camping Stove | 6 Month Review
Storage wise, it goes into this mesh bag and you know, while these mesh bags are okay, I would rather have a hard case for the stove so that it doesn't get damaged in my pack. Uh, these mesh bags. You know they can be a little fiddly to get things in and out of because they get stuck in the little mesh
Camp Life bushcraft
3 months ago
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Well worth it
This is the second stove I have from Fire-Maple. Yes the first one is still working perfect. This new one comes in a hard plastic case which I will not take backpacking. the old one came with a drawstring bag. I have probably around 15 different stoves but this is the one I take when I am planning o...
C Holliman
3 years ago
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They're a specialist in camping stuff and camping stoves as well.
Mark Davies
3 months ago
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Light weight, good quality.
I have not tested it in the field yet, but my first impressions based on a quick boil in my kitchen are very positive. This stove is very light, lighter than the GSI Bugaboo cup that I boiled in (55 grams.) In terms of build quality, I would give it an A-. The control valve feels fantastic and offer...
2 years ago
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Very light weight given it's wide burner.
I know this isn't the lightest canister stove on the market, but it's one of the lightest with such a wide burner. I also find that it functions just as it should and I'm able to adjust the flame between a very slow simmer and a very large flame. As to efficiency, I managed to bring 16 oz. of water ...
Diabetic Fitness
9 months ago
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Stove recommendation?
Best remote canister stove: Fire Maple Blade 2. Titanium, 4.5oz (stupid light for a remote stove), supports large pots and packs up small.
great for distributing heat
I've used this on several trips and I love this little stove! I've used it with both a small titanium pot and a 8" aluminum pan. It's just wide enough to support the pan without tipping and it distributes the heat better than the torch style burners. Great versatility at a very light weight. I use i...
2 years ago
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