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This Little Stove is Awesome - Ultralight and Ultrafast - Soto Windmaster Stove Review
I don't want them to be extremely hard to move, but have just a little bit of resistance and kind of lock into place again, it's a personal preference thing, so there you have it everyone that is my review of the soto win master stove again.
4 months ago
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Jetboil vs MSR vs ?
My favourite set up is the SOTO Windmaster though. It never let me down and allows me plenty of flexibility with the 4-flex arms to clip on. It's very compact and works well with 1-person kits, but is sturdy and powerful enough for larger kits for 2 people with larger pans, e.g. 1.8L / 61oz pots and 18cm/7in diameter approx.
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SOTO WindMaster Review: Unflappable Powerhouse Stove
In my season-long test, the WindMaster lived up to its name, beating the cold and wind and keeping my friends and me well supplied with hot coffee and food whenever it was called upon.
4 months ago
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Ultralight Camping stove for Hiking ?
Hi there, you're doing overnight backpacking, correct?. May I humbly recommend the Soto Windmaster with the triflex pot support/stand? Not the most compact but it's hard to beat when it comes to its overall combination of wind resistance, fuel efficiency/regulation, weight, and all-around performance and design.
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Cooking gear for a long distance trek.
And much lighter weight also. A 400gram canister lasts me for (over) a month while a liter of Meths (800gram) only for 2 weeks... And a canister stove is also lighter (I have SOTO windmaster (67 grams) but a MSR Pocketrocket2 is also a popular/similar alternative). Yes, you get every couple of weeks through a town where it's easy to get a canister at a sports/outdoor shop.
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Question: Backpacking stoves
Everyone saying pocket rocket but honestly PLEASE look at the Soto Windmaster with a Toaks titanium pot. My Pocket Rocket 2 is great, but it takes a long while to boil water. My Windmaster (has a regulator in it so works way better even with lower fuel etc) boils a liter of water in 3.5 minutes. I’ve timed it.
We Tested 5 of the Most Popular Backpacking Stoves - FarOut
The best overall stove tested was the Soto WindMaster with the MSR PocketRocket Deluxe coming in a close second. The Soto WindMaster outperformed the MSR PocketRocket Deluxe in overall fuel efficiency and burner pot support function.
4 months ago
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GDT NOBO 2021 - Shakedown
\- If you have the BRS dialled in it should be okay, but i would recommend something more like the Soto Windmaster. Heavier, but more efficient particularly in tougher conditions. Many of the campsites are pretty exposed, and unless you have a really solid windshield set up you might find you burn through a lot more fuel than you planned for. \- A few things with your clothes look a bit iffy.
SOTO WindMaster Review: Best Backcountry Canister Stove Review
As we looked at both integrated and non-integrated canister stoves in this review, the SOTO WindMaster definitely stood out as the Best Non-Integrated Canister Stove for Windy Conditions of 2021. You help support Gear Hacker by purchasing from our retail partners. We participate in affiliate programs to help us fund Gear Hacker
4 months ago
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Refillable lighter?
Not what you are expecting, but: My Soto Windmaster has a piezo sparker and is refillable after a fashion. I have used it to help co-hikers start a campfire with wet wood. I only bring a lighter as a backup, but never had to use it since getting the Windmaster.




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