Fellow Ode Brew Grinder

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  • Great for grinding coffee beans
  • Looks amazing
  • Grinding noise is low
  • Grinds are very consistent across all grind ranges
  • Product is built rock solid (like a tank), and it weighs a lot


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Better Burrs ! (IMPORTANT)
The newest version (v.1.2) comes with updated burrs with finer grains. I couldn’t find much information about this, but the new burrs Fixed what many YouTube reviews complained about. I have been really surprised to not hear more people talk about the new burrs which now come stock from factory upon...
kaje simpson
2 years ago
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Fellow Ode Grinder Review - Still Worth Buying In 2022?
Our Verdict. Now that the Fellow Ode Brew grinder has been on the market for several years, it’s natural to wonder if there are newer alternatives that look and perform better. However, despite its relative maturity, this is one grinder that still packs a punch in all the right places
1 month ago
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Amazing looking grinder, but cleanup is a hassle
While this grinder looks amazing, some more thought could have been put into the working design. Pros: - Looks really nice - Grinding noise is low - Grinds are very consistent across all grind ranges Cons: - The outlet hopper design is poor, and grinds tend to stick to the upper part instead of fall...
2 years ago
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Good grinder for the right brew method
This is a good grinder for use with a Moccamaster brewer. I highly recommend using a spritz of water on the beans before grinding to eliminate most of the static buildup that can happen without using this method. The grinds knocker is useful but you will need to use it several times to remove the ma...
Cool Daddy
2 months ago
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I love the quality of
I love the quality of the grind, how quick it grinds my morning beans and how quiet it is. I really dislike he amount of chaf it makes and scatters all over the counter. I'm waiting on a spritzer I ordered from WLL, hoping that will minimize the problem.
Paul C.
9 months ago
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Fellow Ode Review: Does it Still Have Issues? My Opinion
Fellow Ode Grinder Review: The Verdict The Fellow Ode is, in many ways, a unique grinder.
$500 to build the best home coffee setup. How do you spend it?
Fellow Ode grinder with SSP Unimodal burrs, Hario v60 (size 02), Bonavita temperature controlled kettle. Then some really good beans from boutique roasters. All of this assuming you’re looking for coffee, and you could also use an Aeropress + Nanofoamer for the occasional latte.
Beautiful machine but flawed
Got this grinder because it won design awards, looks beautiful and hopefully to achieve the perfect grind. Initially I was pleased. It is built rock solid (like a tank), and it weighs a lot. It looked great in my kitchen. The automatic stop feature that senses when the grind is done often left groun...
1 year ago
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Fits the bill and grinds coffee well
I bought the Fellow Ode Brew Grinder on a whim (Thank you, Black Friday Sale!). It’s been almost a month now and I felt it’s time to give this a review. First off, the packaging and build quality are top notch. The Ode weighs over 10 lbs, but is very compact, but more on that later, and is so dense....
9 months ago
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A High-Quality Grind, One Brew at a Time: The New Fellow Ode Brew Grinder - Coffee Review
The Bottom Line: These ancillary but important perks are welcome icing on the cake of Ode’s grind consistency. The Ode may not be the most versatile grinder on the market given its dedication to single-dose, non-espresso brewing, and there may still be a wrinkle or two to iron out as the design matures, but for its grind quality, its striking good looks and other features, the Ode Brew Grinder has already set an impressive new standard.
1 month ago
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4.7 x 9.5 x 9.4 inches