Emisar D18

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  • Made for the outdoors
  • Bright and durable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Durable construction


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Top reviews

Super bright light
I recently bought this light because I've seen the reviews and photos in the group and thought damn I need to get myself one and I freaking love it no complaints it lights up a huge area on turbo I own a Cw Color: sand.
Javier Salgado on Jul 16
53 years ago
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(NLD) couple of weeks ago I didn't care about flashlights. I discovered this sub and this is my first purchase. Zl H600w IV. Pls help
Best bang for the buck is Sofirn sp36, but the astrolux mf01s has way cooler body color options, and the emisar d18 has better emitter options. Imalent MS18 is the king of photon grenades, although not a sodacan light. You'll need good enough hearing protection to avoid hearing the cooling fans. Now for the showy lights.
Emisar – D18 18650 High Power Illumination LED Flashlight, Black, Neutral White, SST-20 4000K 95CRI
Model #
standalone 12.1 oz (345 g)
w/ battery ()
body diameter 1.8″ (46 mm)
head diameter 2.3″ (58 mm)
Emitter (LED)
Luminus SST-20
Colour Temperature (Tint)
Position: E-Switch, Side Click, Recessed Button
Battery Type
Rechargeable; 3 x 18650 Li-ion B...
4 months ago
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I need a bigger yard
I recommend the Emisar D18 4K with the flood optic for small yards. Turns my yard from night to day at the double click of a button.
[BST] November 2021 Buy, Sell, Trade Thread.
~~[WTB -USA - NE] Emisar D18 batteries included would be a +~~
Purchased from /u/-cheule-
A hella bright wall of light
I bought this just as a toy but catch myself using it alot living in the country! Use it to create a wall of light at night just walking the dog or playing around seeing what night life is out. Deff will not be upset if decide to purchase
Chris S. on Jul 15
53 years ago
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Looking for a ~20€, 800-1k lumen, zoomable flashlight that uses a 18650
First is my Emisar D18. It has 18 LEDs and over 10,000 lumens.
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TESTED: Emisar D18 flashlight with OSRAM W2 & Luminus SST-20 2700K/4000K mix
You'Re gon na see in a moment they're about 100 meters away so uh again, let me kind of wrap up. You can see that the light is kind of coming up here and so it's this is pretty low still and then, let's see here, okay, there we go, i just hit high, so that's pretty good and in the very distance you should be able to see this Palm trees a little bit, but let me jump to turbo and you can see how much more it does. So again
Cheule's Flashlight Reviews
4 months ago
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What is the most practical flashlight in your collection that you would trust with your life?
I really like my custom Emisar D18. Plenty of battery life at low levels and on turbo looks like you're holding the sun in your hand (after a few seconds, feels like it too). Plus it will run on only 1 battery if needed.
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Emisar D18 review - pocketable Lumen Monster with high CRI options and nice flood/throw ratio!
sipating the such a crazy amount of heat uh working with this flashlight for over one and a half years. I can definitely tell you that this is amazing flashlight, with almost no drawbacks. I mean
Flashlight Enthusiast
4 months ago
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150 Lumens


1 AA Battery (not included)

LED Power

1.5 Watt

Run time

2.5 Hours