Dell XPS 17

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  • Great for photo editing
  • Not as reflective as OLED screens
  • PremierColor software
  • Two Thunderbolt 3 controllers
  • Good IPS display


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Ask HN: What’s your current dev laptop?
Dell XPS 17. With WSL and 64GB of RAM it's basically unbeatable as a dev laptop.
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Think Twice Before You Buy This Device: Dell XPS 17 9700 Review
Two weeks became a month. Finally, I received my second Dell XPS 17. What a peach of a machine—the one month mark passed, when my last one’s GPU had died, and the second and third months sailed by smoothly.
2 years ago
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I cannot express my happiness , 4 months ago I purchased a 9700 XPS 17 where i was encountering perfomance issues, overheating, trouble from wake , coil whine the whole lot etc.. ​. I traveled far and wide and back and forth with dell support for a refund (4 times waiting weeks for each one). Finally i contacted my Australian Consumer Law helpline (FairTrading) who managed to help me get a full refund for the laptop awaiting collection. ​.
1 year ago
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This laptop is fantastic, and overall I am very satisfied with this purchase. But let's talk about the elephant in the room that a few reviewers have already pointed out: "Is this a new product?". Given the $2000 price tag, it's only natural to be concerned about the integrity of the product you are...
2 years ago
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After much back and forth with emails and calls, it was established that I could not repair or replace the laptop as they claimed that all the laptops in stock in Australia had a similar defect. I am disappointed that I am not able to purchase an XPS15 at this time, but much more disappointed that Dell wasted my time by selling me a product that they were **aware** was defective, especially a premium product at such a premium price. The customer service said that I was interested in instead purchasing an XPS 17, these would not be defective, but this is at least an extra thousand dollars and not an option for me. I was really looking forward to owning this great laptop but am afraid that I will have to look elsewhere now as I have not been given any sort of satisfactory resolution to this issue.
The 17-inch XPS tips the scales
In a test that involved exporting five minutes and 33 seconds of 4K video in Adobe Premiere Pro, the XPS 17 finished the job in three minutes and 58 seconds. That’s a lot better than we got for the MacBook Pro 16 and slightly ahead of the Dell XPS 15 (which finished the same export in four minutes and 23 seconds) and Microsoft’s 15-inch Surface Book 3.
Monica Chin
7 months ago
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The XPS 17 speaker go all the way to 100% without crackling (at least not on my unit). Both seem to use the exact same speaker hardware and tuning, but perhaps the XPS 17 has more chassis to absorb the thick mids and bass (which both new laptops have a significant amount of for their size).
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Verdict — Second Time's The Charm
Test unit provided by DellIf you were interested in the XPS 17 but were hesitant to buy a first generation model, then this second generation update looks like the best time to jump in. Not only does it address some of the bugs we encountered on last year's model, but it also manages to boost CPU and GPU performance by about 30 percent without needing to rely on louder fans or new cooling. The XPS 17 9710 is the more optimized model that the original XPS 17 9700 should have been
\- Backlight bleed. \- Whiney fans. I immediately called in to Dell's technical support to try and resolve these issues. After an hour of troubleshooting, the friendly technician opted to send in a replacement, as these were too many issues for it to be fixed.
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Ask HN: What are you surprised isn’t being worked on more?
)- Integrated 5G: I'd like to have Internet connectivity without tethering, just like an iPad.If anyone from Dell ever reads YC News: I very nearly bought the new Dell XPS 17, but then I saw the keyboard and I immediately cancelled the order: with a Clevo 17 inch laptop keyboard: seem to have found the room for full-size up/down keys, a number pad, as well as dedicated keys for ins/del/home. I never have to press the "Fn" key in normal usage!Every few years I look at Dell's top-of-the-line laptop, but decide against buying one because of at least one glaring flaw.
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Intel Core i9

Intel Core i7



NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050



17.0”, FHD+ (1920 x 1200)

17.0”, UHD+ (3840 x 2400)


up to 4000GB SSD