Casio F-91W

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  • Great for knockaround watch
  • Popular among terror detainees
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Similar materials to the Casio F-91W
  • Good for everyday use


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Casio F-91W Full Review - The Truth About Watches
– Battery died and user just bought another F-91W. – Crystal scuffed to hell or violently cracked. – Band tore and user just bought another F-91W
I have worn this Casio watch every day for 12 years and it is still going strong. Original band and battery. Paid $10 for it.
The cheap Casio digital watches are great. I have the F-91W (their most popular one) and use it as my knockaround watch, since I like to wear a watch every day. I wear it playing golf, swimming (both pools and oceans), doing work outside.
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The Classic Casio F-91W Is the Cheapest Watch Worth Buying
This is an extremely comfortable watch to wear that simply and unobtrusively does its job well. If you can appreciate the value it offers, the F-91W is even charming.
19 days ago
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[SOTC] Watch Collection
Casio F-91W - They said "it's the best". They said "you can't go wrong with it".
still love them, but mostly I just want a watch ...
I’m over big, bulky watches. I’ve got my Suunto and a couple G-Shock watches. I still wear them, still love them, but mostly I just want a watch that keeps nice, precise time, doesn’t stand out from my wrist 3/4 inch and hopefully looks juuuust a little dorky. I’m also cheap. Waterproofness is impor...
James Davis
6 years ago
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[Casio] The obscure Film Watch Illuminator from the 90s.
The one I have here was produced around the same time as the Casio F-91W and it uses similar plastic and resin materials, however, these watches are very thin, as suggested by the name. There were also aluminium and stainless steel variants of this watch which sold with larger buttons and a different strap. The slide-in strap I have on this watch isn't the original however as nearly all Film Watch straps have since worn out.
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Casio F91W Review: $11 World Domination
I'm Sunny Lee and these are four reasons why everyone needs the Casio F91w. Let's get to it.
Sonny Lee
19 days ago
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The Glock of digital watches
First: What Amazon calls "white" is actually the silver model. Do not order a "white" one expecting a white case. To the review: This watch is good. My usual hesitation with digital watches is that they are extremely overcomplicated, with alarms I do not know how to shut off (or set), etc. G shocks,...
2 months ago
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[Casio] Got me and my uncle matching Casio Royales for our birthday month
What better than this $30 gem. I was looking at these on amazon and my brother was like “well why don’t you just buy two of those?”. My uncle has been wanting a Casio ever since he saw me wearing my F-91w and it brought him some nostalgia. He’s been shopping for watches and really wanted an Invicta despite my protest, so I thought this would be the better option for both of us.
New small addition to my EDC
Casio watch gang! I have a Casio F-91W
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