Cartier Santos Medium

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  • Great for any occasion
  • Comfortable and versatile
  • Quick change strap system
  • Light and thin
  • Understated


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Owner Review: Cartier Santos 100
If you are one of those who like to change your bracelet to straps regularly, you will need to purchase more strap options from Cartier to work with this system. I flew back home with my new Cartier Santos 100, not so worried what my wife would say about “another watch” but more in fear she may want it as the medium size is a perfect unisex watch. Review Breakdown Quality 0% Style 0% Value 0% Wearability 0% Tags: dressReviewSantos de Cartier - WSSA0010
20 days ago
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[Rolex / VC / Cartier] My 3 Watch Rotation
Lastly we have my Cartier Santos Medium which I regularly see posted and gets the adoration it deserves. It is a perfect size and the strap / link systems are so easy to use. This was an anniversary present and will never leave the collection.
[SOTC] A take on a 5-piece collection.
**“Classy Daily” - Cartier Santos Medium** \- Outrageously comfortable and handsome, top 2 most versatile watches I’ve personally owned. A little dressy for athleisure or flip-flops (where aforementioned Snowflake, OP, Explorer I will still work). Where the Defy is a daily for the days you want pizzazz, the Santos is a daily for the days you want to show off a touch more taste and refinement.
[Cartier] Santos keeping me company on the flight back to NYC
After a long time saving up, incredibly proud to call this Medium Santos my first luxury watch. I’ve been obsessed with Cartier ever since I got into watches, but the Tank always felt a little too formal for my taste and not versatile enough for a first watch. In 2018 the new Santos came out and that sealed the deal.
[Cartier] Santos standing strong
I've had this Santos Medium since March of this year, and it hasn't come off my wrist since. It's my first and only luxury watch, and the size is fantastic and very much understated, and it's so light & thin you forget you're wearing a watch. I've also found that it's a lot more versatile than you'd think (style-wise). My only complaint, besides it being an infamous scratch magnet, is that the tan leather strap provided when you buy the watch stains *very* easily, which is a bummer coming from a brand like Cartier — especially when the cost of a new strap starts around $350.
Cartier Santos Medium 3 Month Review - Why I SHOULD Have Gotten It Sooner!
Throughout the years, the Santos has used movements from Jlc, Frederick Piguet, Etta, and now this Santos medium features Carte's in-house 1847 Mc 1847 representing the year Carte was founded in Paris and Mc standing for Manufacture Cartier Now on paper, The movement has a power reserve of 42 hours with a standard beat rate of 28 800 Vph. and there's a round movement fitting into square case shape.
Minute Mon
20 days ago
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[Cartier, Rolex & Patek] My SOTC into 2020
I’m posting the SOTC as we kick off the new year. Working upwards, the first piece is the Cartier Santos Medium WSSA0010 on its leather strap (which comes in the box). This is arguably the most special watch in my collection as it was an anniversary gift from my other half.
[SOTC] Cartier and Tudor -> keep or change?
Cartier Santos Medium : love this watch and probably by itself it's a good one daily watch. Perhaps an alternative to other GADA such as Aqua Terra or Explorer. I'm considering to buy a blue alligator strap for it to make it more formal when needed.
[Question] What's your dream 5 watch collection
In no paticulair order
1. Cartier santos medium
2. Seiko SPB143
3. Grand seiko, either the SBGM221 or the snowflake
4. Rolex explorer I 36mm
5. Omega speedmaster (reduced because i don't think i can pull of the 42 mm)
[Cartier] Kept stalking this watch and decided it was time to bite the bullet and get one, what are your thoughts on Cartier’s?
Santos Medium is on my watchlist as well. But if you want to talk about feelings on an enthusiast standpoint, I gotta say the feeling is mixed. On the good side, we got history, something very unlikely from a jewellery brand, because this was arguably the first wrist watch ever.