Cartier Santos

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  • Great for the price
  • Looks great
  • Nice size and weight
  • Easy to read dials
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Owner Review: Cartier Santos 100
This is what happens when you casually walk into a jewelry store when visiting another city. You walk out with a Cartier Santos 100. The 2018 Santos is the familiar square shape but now has some subtle curves. The Roman numeral hour markers are still there. Those blue sword-style hands are worthy of...
2 months ago
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[Cartier Santos]
After a long while of searching for the perfect "daily driver" I found myself to have landed the Cartier Santos. It may seem like a strange choice to some, but I really love the classy looks combined with the all-steel combination.
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[Cartier] Santos all dressed up for Sunday
I love the classic look of the black gator strap and I think the contrast between the strap and the case really elevates the look and makes the shape of the case stand out more. I'm surprised about how well the Santos works for daily wear. The medium size (35.something mm but wears like 37mm easily), antimagnetic movement, 100m water resistance and the quick-switch system for the bracelet/straps certainly help. On top of that, I have just been really enjoying the Cartier vibe as of late.
[SOTC] Current State of my Multibrand Collection
\- 2021: **Apple Watch Series 6**, mostly for sport purposes, it replaced my Garmin sport watch,. \- 2021: **Cartier Santos**, this one was not planned, I got it from my father in law, who hadn't worn it for the last years; I am still surprised by how much I like the rather quirky design and the size. \- 2021: **JLC Master Control Date**, bought this one last week for my 36th birthday, so I'm still in the honeymoon phase; I totally love how well executed, but under-the-radar it is; could not be happier with it. As of now I am really happy with my collection and think it covers all of my usecases.
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[SOTC] 3 watch collection following major collection edits in 2020
Awesome history and punches so above its class it isn’t funny. **Cartier Santos** \- fell in love with the history and the Genta-esque design. Bought early this year and loved it, more than my Panerai which prompted the thoughts on edits.
[Cartier] Successfully resisted the urge to buy another Rolex
I have always loved the timeless elegance and interesting backstory of the Cartier Santos. I decided to visit my local Cartier store to check out their collection and was excited when I saw the men's watches case nearly full - besides one empty slot. I eyed the stock and, of course, the one missing piece was the medium stainless Santos I was after. I asked the saleswoman if she could check the stock across the company to see if I could order one.
[Cartier] My Negative Cartier Boutique Experience
They were very small but deep and noticable under the light. I took it back to Cartier to see if they can help, and they said they'll have their technician take a look. I told them not to do any work on it until I discuss with the technician first. I was ignored and the technician tried to buff the scratches out, which they couldn't do because they were deep, adding to that they ruined the brushing made the watch unwearable.
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[SOTC] A take on a 5-piece collection.
**“Classy Daily” - Cartier Santos Medium** \- Outrageously comfortable and handsome, top 2 most versatile watches I’ve personally owned. A little dressy for athleisure or flip-flops (where aforementioned Snowflake, OP, Explorer I will still work). Where the Defy is a daily for the days you want pizzazz, the Santos is a daily for the days you want to show off a touch more taste and refinement.
[Question] What watch to buy in the 5-7k range that is not an omega or a Rolex?
Rolex Sub, Cartier Santos, Navitimer, Speedy Pro, GS Snowflake, BB58, etc. These are loved by many and hyped in review blogs, but if you buy one of these watches because they're popular with other people, you will regret it. You say that you've been into watches since you were a kid.
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[Cartier Santos] Still looks classy with just a sweatshirt
This is the new Cartier Santos. Really love this watch more than I thought I would. Compared to the Rolex Submariner which was my previous daily watch, this watch is a lot more elegant, classy, and understated. The strap changing system is really cool, but I prefer to keep it on the metal bracelet for daily use, the leather one seems very delicate, I've even gotten a few water stains from just washing my hands which is surprising...


Watch Label

Swiss Made



Case Size

43.5 mm x 31.4 mm

Case Thickness

7.3 mm