Canyon Endurace

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  • Great for a variety of riding styles
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Versatile frame design
  • Comfortable ride for long distances
  • A great option if you're looking to upgrade your bike


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7 Cycling Coaches Review Canyon Endurace Bicycles
With the VCLS seat post, 35mm tires, endurance-oriented geometry, and less weight than burlier gravel bikes, I rode it to a top-20 finish.” Jim Lehman.
2 months ago
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Sunrise ride for the maiden voyage on the new gravel rig - Canyon GRIZL CF SL 8
Very nice. How do you like the rig? I have a Canyon Endurace with a separate set of gravel wheels. So I use the same bike for both road and gravel.
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Trek Emonda or Canyon Ultimate?
Recommend di2 - bought canyon endurace in March and LOVE it
Purchasing my first road bike and would love input.
Canyon Endurace, hands down. I am against the very notion of "beginner", "entry level" or "starter" items, regardless of the type - that just means in the future you will be buying a "real" item and all the resources and time you've spent on something inferior will be wasted. Not to mention, it just won't be as fun as quality right off the bat.
Canyon launches new affordable Endurace CF and AL road bike range - CyclingTips
Canyon’s Endurace range has long been a sporty-feeling yet comfortable option in the endurance road space. And while Canyon’s higher-end Endurace CF SL and CF SLX options remain unchanged for now, the consumer-direct company has announced a new, more affordable CF (carbon fibre) version and an updat...
2 months ago
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Aero, Endurance, or Race Bike?
I bought a Canyon Endurace a few months ago. So far I've put 2200 miles on it. It's great, the perfect mix of comfort and speed. The difference in geometry between the Ultimate and the Endurace is small.
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New endurance bike advice: Giant or Canyon?
I got a canyon endurace close to a year ago. Highly recommend. Hands down it is an amazing bike and I still love every ride like it was my first. Super comfortable, yet extremely quick.
Looking to Get Less Aero
The Canyon Endurace have a comfy geometry, and they should all fit 35mm tyres. Recently bought one and I'm not disappointed
Bike suggestion for a new rider
it's been great for me as a beginner and it is only 1200. There is also the Canyon Endurace in the same price range. Pro's closet has older models of bikes for your price range as well. Just make sure to get the right size.
Upgrade my Entry-Roadbike or get a new one?
For what it's worth, I went from an 80s era Trek 420 steelie to a Canyon Endurace 8.0 just last year. The new bike is incredible and gets 97% of my time, but I still like to jump on the Trek from time to time.