Canon EOS M6

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A niche product for the existing Canon user base
A niche player in the Canon ecosystem To evaluate this, one must understand the reason Canon developed the EOS EF-M series, which is not primarily to compete with others in the crop-frame mirrorless market such as Sony, Fuji. The M50 and M200 are directed at new users, but Canon does not really aim ...
3 years ago
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Canon EOS M6 Review
In good light, the autofocus system is solid, but it struggles a bit when working in dim light. Our verdict on the M6 is pretty much the same as the M5—they've got the same tech inside, after all.
Jim Fisher
4 months ago
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I just got this Canon M6 for $300 as a secondary camera, good choice?
Great choice. I use my little M6 as a walk around when I don't feel like carrying my RP. Like others said, look at picking up the EVF and 22mm f/2. It's a great little combo.
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First looks
Whew. Finally starting to get pretty darn comfortable with this bad boy. The resolution is nothing short of amazing -- 16 X 24 prints right out of the camera if you wish. After 2 weeks the menus are becoming easier to manage -- though there are about a zillion settings. Have been shooting with a f22...
Rich In Iowa
3 years ago
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Opinion: The robovac is finally smart enough and reliable enough to be considered a true, actual household appliance, easily worthy of a place alongside alongside dishwashers and washing machines in my opinion...
Could not agree with this post more. We have the i7+ and m6 keeping our floors amazing! I’m glad I waited for the tech to advance this far, it really does a great job!
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I just got this Canon M6 for $300 as a secondary camera, good choice?
The M6 is a nice little camera, and is very capable. I'm not a big fan of the 15-45 zoom kit lens shown in the first pic, though it's a good general purpose lens for every day shooting. The EF-M 32mm f/1.4 is an absolute gem of a lens for this system — it's worth having an M camera to use this lens alone — it's a beautiful optic. Native lenses also worth keeping an eye out for are the 22mm f/2, 11-22mm IS zoom, and the 28mm f/3.5 macro — all are excellent performers.
Sometimes my M6 starts a job but can't get off of the dock because the wheels will spin in the drip tray wheel wells and won't get enough grip to hop out. The design of the drip tray is bad. It needs more grip for the wheels to grab ahold. Tape works for a bit, but then it wears out and happens again.
M6 MkII vs RP
Depending on how much you want to crop and how you use your pictures (Social Media, viewing on a screen, big prints) you might miss or not miss the extra megapixels. Personally, once I upgrade to the R6 my EOS R will become my second/backup body and I will be asking my GF to consider swapping her EOS M6 with my EOR RP, then selling the M6 off instead of the RP. Other than that, the sooner you leave the more you will get for your M6 II.
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On Assignment with Kylie Mazon and the Canon EOS M6
One of the things that I really like about this camera is that it has Wi-Fi capability. I can easily connect my phone if I'm out on a full day, shoot then, rather than having to go home or bring cords with me, I can just remotely upload. Overall
DPReview TV
4 months ago
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My first camera !! Canon EOS m50.
Nice camera..I just picked up my first pro camera Canon EOS M6 with a nice lens package. Love the cinema mode at 24fps.
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Model Name

Canon EOS M6 Mark II Mirrorless Camera

(Black)+EF-M 15-45mm F/3.5-6.3 IS STM + EVF Kit



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