Canon EOS M200

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Canon does not recomend this camera to use as a webcam. See Canon's response to me below.
Thank you for writing to us. My name is Eric and I understand you're having issues with EOS Webcam Utility and I can assist. The EOS M200 was designed as a entry level stills camera with limited video features. This camera may overheat if the sensor is exposed for long periods of time such as being ...
John Pbody
2 years ago
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The 6 Best Mirrorless Cameras For Beginners - Spring 2022
It's also a bit less suited to video work than its sibling, with an even bigger crop on 4k footage and no 24 fps frame rate option in 1080p. Get the M50 II if you want a more ergonomic design and a viewfinder, but if portability is your top priority, the M200 is a solid alternative.
8 months ago
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NLD couldn’t decide which one to get, so I got them all. Skilhunt M150, m200, m300.
In my opinion, the beam is the perfect mix between throw and flood for edc. It’s enough to reach 50-100 feet and illuminate whatever you want, but the hotspot doesn’t wash out whatever youre looking at up close. The LH351D in the m200 suffers from the same green tint in the lower modes as the m150, but from M1 to T1, it renders colors excellently and is a beautiful neutral white. I am pretty happy with this emitter.
Camera overheats and shuts off within minutes of being turned on
Camera overheats and shuts itself off within minutes of being turned on at 1080p, despite ordering through amazon prime with a supposed 30 day guarantee, I'm being told to pay return shipping and send it to a third party seller instead of a normal amazon return... Wow, I feel double scammed.
B Long
2 years ago
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Best cameras under $500 in 2021
Canon's EOS M200 is an approachable camera that is capable of excellent image quality and will just about fit in your pocket. The EF-M lens lineup offered by Canon and Sigma isn't terribly varied, but there are good options available for most users. The controls are well-judged, and the touchscreen ...
Digital Photography Review
2 years ago
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Fiiirrreeee, Fiiirrreeee.
I got the M200 used in mint condition and its great but the button is really too proud for my liking so it lives mechanically locked out. The NW is really not great compared to the SW35 in my M150 so once my confidence is higher it will most likely get a 219b as well.
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Is it still worth to get the M6 Mark II?
There is no way IMO an RF mount camera can be as small as an M200 with the 22mm pancake. I use that for webcam and social media photos on the go/travel - takes no room at all. But if size isn’t an issue for you I would look to getting a second hand EOS R over the M6ii - M6ii video is pixel binned which is a no go for me. M line only has a couple of ‘stellar’ lenses from canon (22 and 32) then you have sigma saving the day with their trio which are too big IMO on those cameras - better off with the R.
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Overheats after 5 minutes of use... window closed on return by 1 day so stuck with product.
My biggest issue with this product, it is unusable unless you are using HDMI out into a capture card to record at 1080p and 60fps. overheating, overheating, overheating Plugging it in USB and using the beta app to use as a webcam will cause the device to overheat and shut down after about 15-20 minu...
Roger W.
2 years ago
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My First Flashlight Purchase!
It's about as bright as my old light which was a little bigger than the M200 and it is TINY! These things look good, feel good, the UI is easy to use, and I like that with the M200 set to mode group B the UI is almost identical to the H04RC. In the album there's some beamshots in my backyard, the fence is about 100 feet away. Don't worry, I chased away /r/notmycat before turning on the bigger lights.
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Canon EOS M200 review: best BUDGET mirrorless for beginners!
If they've sold out or increased in price due to demand, though, then I can happily recommend the M 200 to budget buyers. It's fun delivers good results and is an absolute doddle to use right. I hope you found that useful
Gordon Laing
4 months ago
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Canon EOS M200 EF-M 15-45mm IS STM Kit (Black)



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