Canon EOS M100

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  • Great for beginners
  • Good image quality
  • Fast autofocus
  • Small size and light weight
  • Easy to use


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Not bad at all, but expect a few downsides for more experienced users.
I wasn't expecting the same kind of performance one would get from a much more expensive DSLR or even higher end mirrorless camera. However, the relatively large APS-C sensor was a draw, and the availability of a variety of EF-M and compatibility (via adapter) with other Canon lenses was a plus. Now...
goblin boots
5 years ago
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Canon EOS M100 Review
Canon has done a good job with the EOS M100. It doesn't sacrifice any image quality or focus speed compared with the higher-end models in the line.
Jim Fisher
4 months ago
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I have a M100 and purchased the 22mm f2 EF-M for traveling after reading the great reviews about this lens. I have some weird behaviour though when I equip the camera with this particular lens. In Scene Intelligent Auto mode (the green option on the dial), all pictures are over exposed. The preview in the screen before taking a picture seems normal, but the taken picture is just way to bright.
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Recommend a point and shoot camera for travel (beginner)
I would start with a RX100 (any of them really). If you want something a bit larger, look at a Canon M100, M200 or M50; Fujifilm X-T200; Sony a6000 or a6100; Olympus E-M10; Panasonic GX85 or GX9. All the major manufacturers make excellent cameras for beginners.
I received this product with the INCORRECT CAMERA LENS. I noticed that the lens given in the box WAS NOT the correct lens even though it did fit the camera body. The lens have 12mm written on it, not 15-45mm. It is branded "ROKINON" and says "Technology by SAMYANG MADE IN KOREA". I paid for a Canon ...
4 years ago
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Switching from DSLR to Mirrorless. Cant decide which System
I have the M100 and think it’s fantastic when paired with the 22mm, 32mm, or 11-22mm lenses. With the 22mm lens it’s a very compact combo, so if staying small but getting decent IQ is a priority, I think it’s tough to beat for the money. Regarding the future of EOS M, even if Canon don’t release any more cameras or lenses for the system, I think there is already enough there to make it a worthwhile purchase.
Nicely built, but the interface is a little frustrating for those who want more control.
Someone has to be the first, and I guess I'm it. I'm an amateur photographer who has been playing with SLR cameras for the last 40 years. This camera was bought to replace a Canon S95, and potentially be the backup to my 5D2, which has been intermittently reporting the dreaded "Error 30" shutter iss...
5 years ago
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VideoCamera recommendation (family events etc)
Finally the Canon M100 (or M200) is a camera which I don't normally recommend as it lacks manual controls, but would probably fit quite well here - it's cheap, compact, and while the video won't win any awards it's fair for the 24mbps bit rate. And the autofocus is quite good. The GX85 is a much, much better camera if you want to learn to capture _good_ video though, but it sounds like this is more means-to-an-end than hobby.
The Best Value in the Entire Canon Mirrorless Line-up
If you're looking for a portable and powerful little mirrorless camera, then look no further. The M100 packs a punch with a 24MP APS-C sensor, a new Digic 7 processor (which is competitive with much more expensive DSLR's), the option to changes lenses (Canon EF-M line) and offers an easy to use inte...
4 years ago
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I really need help to decide about Full Frame
INVEST IN GLASS!!!!! I was in the same boat, it was either a 6D or a 24-70 2.8... guess which I bought and regretted? I’d say grab an EF adapter for your M100 and invest in glass, which when you move to FF you can either adapt your EF glass to your R/RP/R5/6 or sell them for RF glass!


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