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I'm trading my Stelvio for an Evo. My ownership experience and why I'm leaving Alfa Romeo.
Evo 10 final edition is a turd. Just look at the interior. The seats are pitiful. The build quality is atrocious. And I’m no hated. I’ve owned an 8 a 9 and a 2008 Evo 10.
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$295 Dual Motor scooter From Alibaba. Review Eco-Rider E-4
Now the bad is, with no steering stabilizer this is super scary to ride above 20 Mph. I feel more safe doing 50 Mph on my Blade EVO than doing 25 Mph on the ECO rider. If your used to rigid rides like the Ninebot max then this is basically a Ninebot max on steroids. The main purpose of this scooter was to ride during rainy days for my son to get to school.
After waiting exactly 7 month, i finally got my VDM-10 ( apollo ghost) 60v version !
I ordered the 60V 28Ah Blade 10 Evo from SunnyTimes LTD and had that in 44 days. I do still have a VDM-10 and it’s a fun scooter for sure. I’m waiting on a 60V battery to complete my 60V conversion, I think 60V scooters are the sweet spot between the slower scooters and the faster ones. I’ve done a lot of mods to my VDM-10 / Ghost.
-Dual suspension for the rough terrain of NYC. -Wider handlebars and the least amount of stem wobble. My budget is $2300. So far, I've seen the Apollo Ghost and Phantom, Varla Eagle One, Solar P1/R1, Yume Y11, VSETT 10+, Blade 10 Evo, Kaabo Mantis, Dualtron Eagle One, Nanrobot D5+ and Turbowheel Lightning+.
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Looking for a scooter around or under $2,000 USD. Max speed around 40mph and range as high as possible
I Just got a 60V 28Ah Blade 10 EVO the other day and I’v hit 46 Mph on it. The furthest Iv gone on it was around 18 miles and it was about 60% battery. But that was riding it moderately with a few times where I had it full throttle for a minute or two. I got it from Sunnytimes LTD on for $1905 to my door with Shipping Taxes and Alibaba transaction fees.
BLADE 10 EVO🔥 (2021) | Unboxing | Basic Specs | Eon Motors | James Angelo TV | Vlog no.55
This is the fully upgraded type of linkedin electric scooter from Eon Motors. This is the latest version.
James Angelo TV
2 months ago
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I just got a Wolf King GT, upgrading from a Zero 10X 60V
I have the blade 10 evo pro and GT, which are both air suspension, and I prefer the wolf king GT pro. It’s still very smooth and dampens very well.
Does this look too fishy for 1100 or should I go for it. I noticed the screen is different and not stock though and he’s saying he bought it when it had 59 miles and came like that. (2021 blade 10 evo pro)
I have a blade 10 EVO and I think it’s a good scooter to own. I paid $1,900 for it new from SunnyTimes LTD on but I did have to wait 2 months for it.
Need help choosing between models....
The vesett is good but the Blade 10 evo is such a great value because it has better brakes and dampener for quite a bit cheaper. My friend got the blade 10 evo from kreo motors on pro riders recommendation and we go riding a few times a week. He is really loving the way Bo due to the steering damper. Really needed if your scooter can go 30-50 mph.
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Apollo Phantom vs Nanrobot D6+
I would either look at the Blade 10 base model or the Blade 10 evo from kreomotors. Apollo has handles the neck snapping issue on the phantom so badly, I would never trust an Apollo scooter at all. Blade is right around $2100 and would work well.
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