Baratza Vario Coffee Grinder

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  • Great for espresso
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn't warm the grounds as much
  • Reliable, accurate and repeatable grinder
  • No issues, cleaning is easy


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How can such an expensive grinder be so prone to breakage under normal use? This model is really old, been out since 2008. If you do some digging, pretty much everyone sooner or later encounters the same problems of the belt wearing out, the grinder constantly locking up, and dying way too easily. I...
Jennifer Stenson
2 years ago
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The grinder I received has steel burrs, not ceramic burrs
The Vario only comes from Baratza with ceramic burrs. You can order steel burrs from Baratza (they are more expensive than the ceramic burrs) and replace them yourself, but you cannot order a Vario from Baratza with steel burrs. The ceramic burrs are reportedly preferred for espresso, the steel burr...
2 years ago
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Upgraded from the Encore and
Upgraded from the Encore and don't regret it. Great machine.
Gregory C.
2 months ago
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Needed a grinder that would
Needed a grinder that would work for espresso and French press. Easy to use and adjust for different beans. Nice having a portafilter holder and a container for grinding large amounts of beans.
Saad M.
1 year ago
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Quality control and/or design problem
Baratza has a quality control and/or design problem. This is written about all over the internet. I went through two of these grinders in 5 weeks. I gave up and bought another brand. What a hassle!
Bill S.
5 years ago
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Poor Out-of-the-Box Experience
Pro: Once you make all the adjustments, it seems very reliable and consistent, easy to use, small, nice metal porta-filter holder. Con: Very poor out-of-the-box experience. Practically no documentation, poor initial adjustments set at the factory, wrong grinder setting on website. The Baratza web si...
7 years ago
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Baratza Vario Review: How Good is This Burr Coffee Grinder?
The Verdict. The Baratza Vario Burr Coffee Grinder is a machine that’s built to deliver highly consistent grinds for a range of brews. That’s why you’ll find this grinder in the homes of many professional baristas
1 month ago
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Baratza Vario Plus Coffee Grinder Review
And one of the last things that I have to mention that I think is really, really cool about this and an awesome initiative from Baratza, especially in the coffee industry, is their dedication to cutting down on waste. Not only is the box that the device came in their big brown box, as they call it completely reusable recyclable, it can be broken down really easily, fold it up, and then you could use it for something else, or you could recycle it. All of the packaging that comes with the device is very light on the plastic, and what plastic there is is also reusable, which is really, really cool
French Press Coffee
1 month ago
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Not just for expresso drinkers...
We replaced our 3rd Cuisinart burr grinder that would only last us about a year each time. We grind 2-3 pots (10 cup or less size) of drip coffee daily and thats it. My wife thought I was crazy to spend this much on a new grinder, but that changed once the Baratza arrived. First off it is beautifull...
Amazon Customer
6 years ago
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Wonderful grinder. Cannot say enough
Wonderful grinder. Cannot say enough about the Clive team. Great group of people very attentive. Enjoy all the tech emails that the Clive team sends out. Bravo!!
Michael B.
6 months ago
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Stainless Steel


Coffee Grinder

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15 Pounds