Audio-Technica AT-LP120

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  • Great for DJs
  • Easy to use
  • Sound quality is good for the price range
  • Comes with a dust cover
  • Not for audiophiles


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Motor noise makes this turntable unlistenable.
Loved this turntable for about 2 months, dramatic improvement in sound quality and tracking (no more skipping) over the LP-60 I had tolerated for years. But after 3 months a nonstop motor pulsation noise showed up and has gotten progressively louder ever since. Tried replacing the stock platter with...
4 years ago
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Audio-Technica LP120-USB review: An all-in-one turntable that digitizes your vinyl collection
ConclusionThe Audio-Technica LP120-USB is a worthwhile turntable for record enthusiasts, amateurs, collectors, archivists and everyone in between.Its versatile design can easily connect to a pair of powered speakers for plug-and-play simplicity, or you can bypass the internal preamp and use your own bookshelf speakers in a traditional setup.Either way, you can depend on this turntable for quick spin-up time, easy switching between rotation speeds, and an excellent cartridge that plays well with any music you throw at it
Justin Yu
4 months ago
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My first pair of brand new speakers, Klipsch R-41M on the desk for some good music while gaming
They’re the first speakers I’ve actually had to set up with my own speaker wire so it’s been a bit of a learning experience getting them set up, but now that they’re set up I couldn’t be happier with how they sound. I’ve got them hooked up to my Yamaha R-S202 with an old TEAC CD changed, vintage JVC cassette deck, and a fairly new Audio Technica AT-LP120.
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Audio-Technica: AT-LP120X vs. AT-LP120 Turntable Comparison / Review
the LP-120X's upgraded AT-VM95E Cartridge + AT-HS6 Headshell. 2.5 The AT-LP120X's preamp has been upgraded with a stronger signal / output
4 months ago
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Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Review - World Of Turntables
Great and proven AT95E dual magnet cartridge 3. The highly adjustable tonearm LP120USB turntable is certainly to be recommended for experts and beginners alike, and the great thing about this product is that it is so versatile. If you understand it’s specifications, then you can use them to their max
I have a AT LP120 connected to a phono box e preamp that is connected to my sonos port. The autoplay does not work when connected to the pre amp however the audio will work if i manually select the line in source in the sonos app. Bypassing the preamp and plugging the turnable directly to the port and the autoplay works as intended. I also tested a lineout from my phone directly to the port and it works.
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Audio Technica LP120 Turntable Review – ReferenceHT
10% which is a nice result for a turntable of this price. A Great Starter Turntable. For those getting started with vinyl, or that are coming back to it, the Audio Technica LP120 turntable is a very good solution
Audio Technica AT-LP120 Review - Top Record Players
Final Verdict: AT-LP120 Professional Turntable Review There is no doubt that the AT-LP120 Professional Turntable is the best choice for professional DJs. For the rest of us, it’s not quite as clear-cut. If you simply want to coax the best possible sound out of your record collection, either of the alternatives will do that just as well as the more expensive Audio Technica player
4 months ago
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Place: USA. Current setup: Yammie HTR-6180 receiver; pair of Klipsch R-620F; 1 Klipsch R12SW floor thumper; AT-LP120 turntable. Other stuff: I am not against purchasing a used item, but would prefer new because I'm still fairly new to all of this & don't trust myself to properly carry out even a basic repair job yet (I hope to learn more about maintenance/repairs later this year when some work stuff mellows out a bit).
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Best Turntable Mat for Audio-Technica AT-LP120 | Vinyl Restart
And that are the two minor differences that tips the scale in the direction of the rubber mat from Hudson Hi-Fi. Conclusion The Hudson Hi-Fi Turntable Platter Mat with Audiophile Grade Silicone Rubber is my recommendation for an aftermarket mat to upgrade the standard felt turntable slipmat on the AT-LP120. Just click on the link to check the price on Amazon
4 months ago
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