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Fans rattles loudly at loads while gaming. (extremely prevalent on these strix coolers) Coilwhine

Temps are good

Owned for 3 years, used daily

Would not buy again

Asus Zephyrus G14 2020


Wake from sleep fails 10% of the time. Fans get VERY noisy after about 1 year.

Build qualify and cooling chassis is good (when the fans work)

Owned for 1.5 years, used daily

Would not buy again

Asus ROG Strix B550-I

Needed Warranty Repair

Faulty intel I 225v b3 stepping Lan chip, Lan device disappeared from device list, and was not recoverable

worked until it didn't

Owned for 0 years, used daily

Would not buy again

Asus FX504

Faulty Materials

Split in the monitor screen at right hinge only

Affordable laptop at the price point.

Owned for 3 years, used daily

Would not buy again

Asus Motherboard PRIME X570-P

Wear and Tear

A pin on the USB 3.2 header got bent through normal wear and tear (install/deinstall/install over a 5 month period), somehow ruining the mobo's ethernet port. Instantly useless.

Great motherboard aside from the damage. Shame it became garbage - although I found someone who could use it for testing.

Owned for 0.5 years, used daily

Would not buy again

Asus FX504

Wear and Tear

Three main things, and all of them happened after 2+1 years of warranty. If you have a lower end Asus laptop, google Asus laptops model name + (touchpad), (hinge) and you can find countless other examples. 1. Touchpad surface started to tear off. I use my mouse way, more than my mouse, and I don't really have sweaty hands, yet It still started to tear off. The reason It looks really bad on my picture is because It started to tear off in the middle of the night and It just felt like I was scraping a coffee stain. 2. Screen hinge mounting points break after a while if you don't catch it happening early and take it to a repair shop or fix it yourself. If you see gap appearing near your laptops hinge, you can follow this tutorial to fix it yourself 3. Purple blobs started to appear on the screen. Now this one is more down to luck, apparently in cheaper LCD's, these manufacturing defects can start to appear years after you buy the screen. I was just unlucky that they appeared after my warranty period ended.

- It was the best laptop I could get for its price. - I bought the 8GB ram + 1TB HDD version and upgraded it to 16GB ram and 500gb SSD + 1TB HDD later. - Everything that broke so far can be avoided if you know that they'll break, or can be repaired by someone with only a small phillips screwdriver.

Owned for 4.5 years, used daily

Would buy again


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Cooler Master (and more!) RTX3070 Build Giveaway w/PCMR
e're gonna start screwing it in and there's nothing special about this string in process they're just really long screws because they go through the entire frame of the cooler and they take forever so next up cables every power supply is gonna come with a big bag of velcro cables it's kind of daunting at first so you always have to find the ones that are gonna fit in this case you need to match those cables with the correct descriptions on the power supply next step is we're connecting the power supply to the mug for with the 24 pin cable we're just matching that cable from the motherboard threading it through the back and attaching the 24 pin header to the power supply so that we can have one of the connections complete the next few additions will be for the GPU for any specific ports that the case has for any lighting that the case has the CPU cooler the anything else really we're installing the CPU the heart of the computer or the brain depending on how you look at it so to do this we're just going to remove the plastic covering that they put on the motherboard we're just gonna take this little plastic part out we'll just toss that out of here and now we have an exposed CPU holder or rather slot on the motherboard and we're gonna use the CPU applicator this is a special little part that not everyone may get but this motherboard that we got from Asus definitely does have its called a CPU installation tool it makes it really useful if you want to install a core i7 hexa core CPU yeah we've got one and it's an eighth generation chip and it's ready to go and it supports overclocking so what having this little installer does for you is it's basically a brace that you can apply right to the CPU and light it up with the triangles that you'll see on the bottom left corners and this will make it easier for us to apply it to the motherboard and then apply thermal paste and then apply a CPU cooler on top and we're just gonna carefully lean it down into the system and make sure that everything lines up and we're gonna clasp down on it and we'll be good to go so we're about to apply thermal paste to the CPU every CPU cooler actually comes with a bit of thermal paste already neatly applied in a circle around it but it's usually not enough it's good essentially PC building practice to have a little bit extra and layer it on top of the CPU the final portion is to add the CPU cooler to the top end of the processor so you're gonna see that there are four Kitt's or rather like screws in here with brackets and holders right here and they're going to keep the cooler raised off the processor but it's also going to be close enough to actually physically come in contact with it like basically keep it cool take thumb screws like this and just screw them on so now that our internals are done we're gonna put all the panels back on which is the top glass sight glass front glass and of course the back panel where all this fun stuff is happening so we've fully built the PC.
3 years ago


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