Asus ROG Strix G17

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  • Great for gaming
  • Good keyboard and screen
  • Fast 144 Hz refresh rate
  • Plenty of configurations to choose from
  • Some bugs with keyboard lighting


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RMA after just 2 weeks
Everything about this laptop is pretty awesome. It has good keys for typing, nice screen, and an awesome graphics card/processor. The bad side is that the laptop stopped charging just two weeks after I received it. This laptop lived on a cooler while I had it and temps never went about 76c. The lapt...
1 year ago
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Very good value laptop for Deep Learning in 2022, also good for video and music watching
I am not a gamer. I bought this laptop to do small sample size deep learning training for transformer language models. I use cloud GPU and TPU for the main training with full sample size. But I really wanted to have something locally to run fine tuning and debugging with smaller sample sizes. I was ...
J. Yoon
4 months ago
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I feel offended.
Although my G17 does make a little bit noise, it does not sound like a jet engine like my ps4 pro. This meme does remind me of my ps4 pro lol. Still though, very happy with my Strix G17....It's a beast.
Great value for the money, but could use a quality check
The positives: for $1800 great value. 5900HX plus full 130 watts RTX 3070. Perform similar to my desktop gtx 1080ti at 1440p, but 1080p is little behind. I think maybe it’s the cpu. My desktop 9900k is still faster. The 5900hx average at 4.3 GHz during gaming. CPU temperatures max peak is 90 degrees...
Wilson Tam
2 years ago
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ASUS Strix G17 vs. MSI GE76 Raider?
In my opinion, the Strix G17 is a better value. If you need 32 gigs, just upgrade it later on. However, the Strix Scar, like the Strix G17 lacks a MUX Switch which means games are bottlenecked by Optimus when gaming on the laptop’s display.
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Verdict — Choose Your Configuration Carefully
For our review configuration in particular, both the AMD Zen 3 CPU and fast 144 Hz display refresh rate deserve praise. The RTX 3050 and RTX 3050 Ti are more difficult to recommend, however, as their performance levels trail the older GTX 1660 Ti at best. Upgrading to the RTX 3060 or higher will give longer legs and significantly higher performance-per-watt
Allen Ngo
3 months ago
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Sorry folks, another laptop recommendation request
Had a 2080 desktop and had to start traveling so I got myself a 2021 Asus ROG Strix Scar G17 with a QHD display and a 3080. The performance is pretty similar to that 2080 and it's a somewhat light machine (not slim and light but light enough that my back does not hurt while carrying it around) and it's great for both gaming and work. The 17" QHD display for this laptop is really good and I was really surprised on it's quality, I always disliked small displays (and 17" is pretty small for me) but I was really surprised when I used it and I didn't feel it as been small.
Price gouging
Asus Laptops are great but Amazon is selling above MSRP. This model is $1799 but at it is $2899!!! What a ripoff...
K. O
1 year ago
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Beast pc
The beast pc what I see in my life, but I pay so many and the pc come without EU plug
milkman anton
2 months ago
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Asus HG064TS ROG Strix G17 (2021) Gaming Laptop (AMD Ryzen 7 5800H/16GB/1TB PCIe-SSD/8GB Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 Graphics/Windows 10/MSO/FHD), 43.94 cm (17.3 inch). This is the model I'm talking about.


Operating System

Windows 10 Home


AMD Ryzen 7 5800H / 3.2 GHz

Max Turbo Speed

4.4 GHz

Number of Cores