Asics Novablast 2

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  • Great for a daily trainer
  • Looks cool
  • True to size and great feel
  • Rocker sucks
  • Upper is redesigned with a new mesh that feels more plush


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Asics Breaks From Its More Traditional Daily Trainers With Its Soft, Bouncy Novablast 2
Thoughts from Our Newest Wear-TestersHolly B. | Tester since: 2021Arch: High | Gait: Neutral | Footstrike: Midfoot“It’s been a long time since I’ve worn a pair of Asics and the Novablast 2 is a dream for runners wanting a soft, plush ride.
4 months ago
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Bouncy, unstable, less cushion on the toe. Not for those forefoot runners
Pros: True to size, bouncy, looks cool Cons: The rocker sucks. Your feet are literally press toward the air and bend in an awkward shape. The cushions on the forefoot are significantly less cushion and bouncy compared with the heel. It is also a bit unstable and hallow. I have flat and slightly wide...
Yong Ning Lu
1 year ago
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Perfect shoe for me
True to size and great feel. Bought these looking for a daily trainer for sore joints. Owner of Ghost's, Vomero's and Pegasus. These are a new favorite for me.
7 months ago
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I've now run 250+ miles in a pair of ASICS Novablast 2 and I gotta say, I'm pretty disappointed aside from the gorgeous colorway. Loved the Novablast 1, it's very bouncy, versatile (I've done both tempos and 20 miles in them somehow) and a really fun ride. I was stoked for the Novablast 2 because it was supposed to be more "stable" (I'm still not entirely sure what that means) and after quite a bit of running in them, they just feel heavy and there's no energy return.
ASICS Novablast 2 SPS Smoke Grey: Official Release Information
1 / 4Brand: ASICSModel: Novablast 2 SPS “Smoke Grey”Release Date: Available nowPrice: $160Buy: Highsnobiety ShopWhat We’re Saying: The Novablast 2 SPS is ASICS’ modern-day, all-rounder running shoe. It’s designed to push runners of all skill levels to their personal bests. Think of it as a nice balance between an overly comfortable recovery shoe and a fast race-day shoe
4 months ago
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ASICS Novablast Review - Running Northwest
The bottom line here is the Novablast feels like nothing we have seen from ASICS, at least in a while. The cushion is amazing and the upper is comfortable and breathable.
4 months ago
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My current rotation
Asics Novablast 2: for long easy runs. It's my favorite and my daily driver.
Asics Novablast 2 RunnerClick
With the Novablast 2, Asics has not only fixed the things that were wrong with this shoe, but they added new features that will certainly leave this shoe on quite a few ‘best of’ lists this year.
4 months ago
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Post-Mortem: This isn't your parents' ASICS. The Novablast 1 retired after 665 km of Flytefoam Blast fun - and because I couldn't get enough, their replacement, the Novablast 2 out for a run in this early spring slush after a late snow. Quick review and initial thoughts in the comments.
Fortunately Asics loves to release these shoes in many ***interesting*** colour-ways to say the least, resulting in these always ending up on sale as long as you're not picky with the colour of your running shoes. Considering the range of paces these cover, or even just for the experience - as long as you're not a heavy overpronator I would give these shoes a try. **Initial Thoughts - Novablast 2 ------------------**.
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Novablast 2 - After 100 Miles
But overall it's been a pretty good shoe for me in terms of temperature and heat regulation and breathability and in terms of wear it's fantastic and it doesn't look like a 100 mile shoe at all, except for just a slight amount of fading and kind of like Staining along the upper, which is to be expected for a shoe that i've run in for 100 miles. Overall, i think the shoe is holding up fantastically well. I think it's getting better with the miles better with age, so i'm extremely happy with this nova blast
4 months ago
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