Apollo Phantom

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  • Great for commuting
  • Design is sleek and modern
  • Range of 10 miles on one charge
  • Comes with an app that lets you track your ride, see how much battery
  • Built-in GPS


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Apollo Phantom V2, the best new stuff & free V1 upgrades. Electric Scooter Review
Like all light heavyweight scooters,/\s/the Phantom is not super portable, just barely/\s/ passing our trunk test.
Electric Scooter Guide
2 months ago
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I was originally considering either the Apollo Phantom or Varla Eagle One… but in the end I went w Ninebot Max ‘cuz it’s lighter at 40lb so more portable and foldable to store and it’s got an IPX5 waterproof rating….
This thing is beastly. I’m a bit nervous…
I live in Brisbane, Australia, and literally today I’m coming home through the middle of the city on my Apollo Phantom, and a guy on this same Kaabo flies past. I catch up about 200m down the road as cops stop him and confiscate the scooter. The thing is, these things go faster than city traffic so it’s safer to just use the streets, but here the rule is sidewalks only, unless the road is marked at 50km/h or less.
Apollo Phantom V2 or Vsett 10+
From my I’ve seen about Apollo’s customer service and build quality I would always recommend vesett over a Apollo. It’s just simply not worth putting over $2000 into a potentially subpar designed scooter such as the Apollo phantom.
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Apollo Phantom neck cracked, Apollo replaced with rusted Phantom
We have a guy with a Apollo phantom in our group. He absolutely hates it now , cheap parts and full of problems . No scooter is perfect but would definitely NOT recommend Apollo .
4. The scooter started having power surges and then finally tonight the front motor started vibrating and just died. I will be taking it back to the shop tomorrow and asking for a refund as I don't believe this amount of problems is acceptable on a new scooter (less than three weeks old).
I just got hit by a car. What do I do?
As for Scooter recommendations, I highly recommend the Apollo Ghost or the Apollo Phantom (pre-order date 03/15/21). Having owned an E-bike, I can say that buying from someone with a good warranty and Customer Service takes a lot of stress out of a sizeable purchase. Also why type of Helmet do you have? Bicycle or Motorcycle?
* Apollo Phantom, specially considering it's $300 off if you pre-order it in the next couple of weeks, since $1800 is probably the most I'd spend on a new scooter considering taxes and shipping will probably almost bring it up to $1.9k or even $2k. However, as always I'm skeptical on the range most of these companies state. The Cruiser really spoiled me when it came to range. The weight of the scooter is an issue because I live on a 3rd floor and the Phantom is apparently 77lbs compared to the Cruiser's 55lbs, but I'm looking to move soon to an apartment that hopefully has an elevator so this might not be an issue for long.
Apollo Phantom electric scooter review: Totally new everything
All told, I think Apollo did a great job with the Phantom. The lighting is awesome, the wide handlebars feel great, the big deck is roomy, the suspension is wonderful, and the design is top notch. I can nitpick about little things like I'd like to see added underdeck lighting, and maybe that kickstand could be a little sturdier, but for the most part, Apollo has really knocked it out of the park
2 months ago
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Is there a good comprehensive guide, either a web site or (more preferably) video about electric scooters?
Electric scooter guide is the best out there. For a big guy I'd check out The Apollo Explore, Zero 10 or the Emove Cruiser scooter for best single motor scooters. For dual motor scooters, check out the Apollo Ghost, Zero 10x, or Kaabo Mantis and then for the real premium of the bunch there is the Apollo Phantom, Vsset 10+ and either the Kaabo Wolf Warrior and Kaabo Wolf King. Those are the best of the best in order of cheapest to most expensive.
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