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  • Great for commuting
  • Good power and range
  • Large comfortable deck
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Apollo city might be a good buy


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Apollo Explore Review - Best Urban Electric Scooter 2020?
Conclusion. Overall, the Apollo Explore is one of the best electric scooters to reach the market in 2020. The support and value are pretty much second to none and the 24-month warranty is an absolute game-changer
2 months ago
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I’m an experience rider with over 1500km on my ES3 and 425km on my Explore. I also do safety checks prior to departing and I can confirm that the scooter was fully in the locked position with the locking pin firmly in place. Surprisingly the scooter had minimal damage to it, but I still had to have a car take the scooter and myself home. I’m in touch with Apollo and I’m bringing my scooter to them for examination.
\#3 Frustrated at my bricked, new apollo explore, (I bought it at the end of july 21) I addressed some concerns I had about the experience. Not a word back. Just messages that are intended to make you think you're actually dealing with someone. They never, ever, ever addressed any of my concerns about how long it was taking to resolve these ongoing issues.
Apollo - 50/50 which was the most surprising, since they sell it to you like they're Nordstroms (and you pay a premium for it). Apollo City was legit outside of break wire slippage out of nook once. Had an Apollo Explore Rear Fender issue (classic 100% of everyone had it), they tried to tell me to buy bolts from the hardware store, then finally sent me replacement screws that also didn't work.
(EDIT) Thank you all for the great suggestions!! After lots of research and videos I ended up choosing the Apollo Explore mainly due to the super extended warranty :).
Apollo City, Apollo Explore, and Apollo Ghost. For me, the Explore seems to have everything I want: great speed at 31MPH max, not crazy heavy, and perfect for city commuting and ziping around town, while making 6-mile commute quick.
30 mph / $1,000 range scooter recommendations?
I have also tried many scooters (Emove Touring, Apollo explore, Widewheel pro 2020) and I like my ninebot max better as it feels more solid, gets great grip, great range and 18-20 mph (software patch) has felt fast enough for me. Not to mention the drum brake is not a pain in the neck like disk brakes.
Which scooter to buy for a heavy guy.
I bought the Apollo Explore 2020 version- voted the best single motor scooter las year by over 3,000 riders. The 2021 scooters are better yet - more features and reasonable prices. I think you may want to increase your budget - use the database at Electric-Scooter.Guide to help narrow down your choices.
Is Apollo Pro (or Phantom) too big for a bus?
I wouldn't even consider talking the Apollo Explore that I had onto the bus lol. 48" long and that wide deck make it challenging to move around my apartment let alone a bus. The Pro, Phantom and even the Ghost are larger than that.
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Better for city commuting: 25mph or 35mph scooter?
I have the Apollo Explore and mine has over 1800miles on it. I got mine from Apollo Directly so fortunately I didn't have to worry about taxes. I always think of having more power available to you as being similar to tv size.