Anthem MRX 1140

Anthem MRX 1140

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Great sound quality and dynamics with toroidal power supply
Phenomenal room correction software with ARC
11 built-in amps can handle 4 ohm loads
Not affordable for everyone with a price point of $4000
Not necessary for those who don't need 11 built-in amps
May require additional amplification for those with larger setups


The Anthem MRX 1140 is a highly recommended AV receiver with a toroidal power supply that delivers better sound quality and dynamics. Its room correction software, ARC, is also praised for its phenomenal performance. The 11 built-in amps can handle 4 ohm loads, making it a great choice for a 5.4.1 setup. However, its high price point of $4000 may not fit everyone's budget. Overall, the Anthem MRX 1140 is a solid choice for those looking for high-quality sound and advanced room correction features.


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