Acer Predator X35

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  • Great for hardcore gamers
  • Ultrawide aspect ratio
  • VESA DisplayHDR 1000 support
  • Nvidia G-Sync Ultimate
  • 4K resolution with 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time


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Acer Predator X35 Review
But for hardcore gamers, this Predator packs just about every juicy feature in the monitor market into a single unit. If you've got a high credit limit and have been waiting for ultrawide gaming displays to clear the 144Hz hurdle (and jump straight to 200Hz in the process), then don't wait another second. The ultrawide, ultra-bright, ultra-fast Acer Predator X35 is a dream come true among gaming monitors, even if its price will make it just a dream for most gamers
Chris Stobing
3 months ago
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For the "Response Time" or overdrive mode in the OSD, I found the "Super Fast" mode worked best and didn't introduce any inverse ghosting. The "Extreme" mode should just be deleted from the menu. I couldn't find a single reason it could ever be useful. Overall, the issue of black smearing and ghosting for me has been far far less than I had been led to believe and I don't view it as being a real issue that would prevent you from buying this monitor.
Almost Perfection, Almost...
I have had this monitor for about 3 weeks (been waiting for about 3 years). I have been building high end gaming PCs since about 2001, and this is probably the single biggest (and most expensive) advancement in gaming technology I have ever seen. In second place is probably the first time I switched...
Jason C.
3 years ago
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Best gaming / work monitor so far....
Hello e-boys and e-girls, I understand buying this monitor will leave an empty space in your bank account. Please consult with its feelings and emotions first before actually making the purchase. This is why I have decided to provide some of my thoughts before and after the purchase. Before purchase...
2 years ago
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When you start up the monitor its very quite. No ramp up and generally quiter then the Acer.
It looks great, however I am having an issue where the monitor will intermittently flash black for a second before returning to normal. This happens in an out of games, a couple times a day. I’ve tried updating drivers (GPU as well as for the monitor), switching to a VESA certified cable, reinstalling windows, trying both DP and HDMI. But the issue still remains.
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Do not buy this product or risk having your amazon account occur returns.
The media could not be loaded. I have ordered two x35 predator monitors through amazon and have been extremely unhappy with this monitor. The first monitor, attached picture with damage right side of the screen, arrived that way. When I first contacted amazon about this monitor they said it was a ma...
Lawrence Falor
3 years ago
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G9 vs PG35VQ
X35 Cons:. - The price for being an HDR early adopter is insanely high; the X35 is around $1,800-1,900 now, but that's still overpriced IMO. - Fan-noise is noticeable in a dead-silent room (though not for me while gaming or if my PC case fans have ramped up).
Fantastic monitor
I've had the monitor about 3 weeks now, after I got tired of waiting for the PG35VQ. I was aware of the fan discussions and wanted to take my chances. I'd say about 20% of the time the monitor is on, it will do the rhythmic fan on/off. If its very quiet in the room, I do notice it, but its not enoug...
Andrew Tarter
3 years ago
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* OSD seems capable with plenty of options, but I haven't figured out what they all do yet (my first Acer Predator) and I'm unable to find a manual online. Issues so far. * Lines / artifacting - only experienced on my work laptop, which is older and set to 60hz (and probably still struggling). Happened once or twice, late at night, and I was able to fix this by disabling f.lux and resuming full brightness / blue color balance.


Screen Size

35 Inches

Display Resolution Maximum

3440 x 1440



Special Feature

Curved Screen