Korg Volca Drum vs Topping E30 DAC

  • Great for beginners
  • Loads of bang for the buck
  • Fits into all kinds of situations
  • Powerful unit
  • Design decisions with Volca line itself
  • Great for the price
  • Clean, quiet and a big improvement in a device's internal DAC
  • There is 2 ads for the topping e30 dac on the first page on the
  • Dac category on canuckaudiomart right now
  • James Michael Hughes discovers a delightful diminutive desktop DAC..

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Sound Quality

Korg Volca Drum
Mostly love (with a little hate)
I really like drum machines - can't get enough of 'em. The Volca Drum Digital Percussion Synthesizer is fantastic fun, and very flexible - this is one powerful unit. Ultimately, most of my gripes are with Korg's design decisions with the Volca line itself. What's to love: -The sound. Irregardless of...
Bobby W.
3 years ago
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Topping E30 DAC
Topping E30 Really is a Bargain
This DAC packs a lot of value for under $200. Clean, quiet and a big improvement in a device's internal DAC. I am using it for a Chromecast Audio, which has a usable DAC for a $25 streamer. However there is a noticeable improvement with the Topping E30. A far as the filters, the biggest difference i...
Chuck B.
2 years ago
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