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Elektron Digitakt

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Awesome sound, not the most intuitive interface (but there's a payoff)
This is my first Elektron instrument. It's built like a tank - the case, the buttons and the knobs should stand up to way more abuse than I'll ever dish out. Listening to the included samples, the sound is luscious, and pro quality, which you would expect at this price. What attracted me to this sam...
Bobby W.
4 years ago
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Bought a bunch of synths but it didn’t solve my life’s problems! What am I doing wrong?
Strangley buying the elektron digitakt. Completely turned things around for me. That thing is like an antidepressant.
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Beastly little machine
After about a week with this machine (luckily I’m on a 2 week paid vacation) 3 full days of which I spent installing my own samples and reading info and watching tutorials, as I heard it wasn’t an easy machine to wrap your head around (which it is pretty easy to wrap your head around) I must say tha...
3 years ago
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Alright got 1k saved up. Gimme your suggestions.
I come from the groove box world so maybe take this with a grain of salt. You could get a elektron digitakt or digitone because those are supposed to have widely acclaimed sequencers.
The sequencer on the Roland mc707 looks pretty great.
Believe the hype!
I always brushed it off when people mentioned the build quality of this instrument. It can't be as good as they say. Believe the hype! This feels like it is worth the price tag. The Digitakt encourages experimentation. Yes, it was released a while back but I think that it is still a worthy purchase ...
Grappling Hook Bill
1 year ago
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Berklee College EPD Grad Perfect
My Berklee College EPD Graduate loved the Digitakt. He says it's quality surpasses others and I loved the value and quick delivery.
Amazon Customer
3 years ago
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Dawless Newbie: What kind of hardware brain suits me?
It can sample, loop, has internal synth engines, gets updated often and gets loads of new functions every time they do. It's quite pricey for what you need, but I'm in love with it and can only recommend it. Other possibilities are:. -Elektron Digitakt.
Creative Freedom
Awesome machine very creative freedom to it. My only criticism is that all that thought that was put into the digitakt was not put into the manual. After reading the manual it left me the same having to figure it out by fiddling around with it. Only difference is that I'm in sorta in the right direc...
Pedro Valentin
3 years ago
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Modern equivalents of Akai S5000/S6000 ?
Also check out Elektron Digitakt for a great hardware sampler and sequencer or the Octatrack for an even more capable (and complex) beast. There are some other hardware options around with varying degrees of complexity but MPC/Digitakt/Octatrack are a good starting point.
Fantastic digital instrument!
This is one amazing product! It takes some effort and patience to get comfortable, but wow it's worth it! It gets you thinking differently, and I would describe it as a unique digital musical instrument. For me it was the perfect hybrid of hands on tactile sample mangling, with deep sequencing, and ...
Gino Cortesi
4 years ago
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128 patterns per project


8 x MIDI tracks, 8 x audio tracks