Klipsch RP-450C vs Klipsch RP-504C

Great upgrade from previous center speakers
Specifically designed for center channel use
Good build quality
Clear and rich sound quality (according to some users)
Unique sound signature (according to some users)
Great design and finish
Clear and robust sound
Recommended for pairing with other Klipsch RP speakers
Great for watching movies
Excellent for listening to music
Not worth the price for some users
Some users have experienced distortion
Not everyone enjoys the unique sound signature of Klipsch speakers
Not suitable for all listeners due to its horn loaded sound
Some find it too shrill
Heavy and may require a sturdy stand


Overall, the Klipsch RP-450C center speaker has received mixed reviews. Some users have found it to be a significant upgrade from their previous center speaker, with clear and rich sound quality. Others have experienced distortion and found it to be overpriced. The build quality is generally considered to be good, and the design is specifically tailored for center channel use. Klipsch speakers are known for their unique sound signature, which some users enjoy while others do not. It is recommended to purchase at open box prices or during sales to get the best value for the product.


The Klipsch RP-504C center channel speaker receives mixed reviews, with some praising its clear and robust sound while others find it too shrill. Many reviewers recommend pairing it with other Klipsch RP speakers for optimal performance. The speaker's design and finish are also praised. Some reviewers note that it is a heavy speaker and may require a sturdy stand. Overall, the Klipsch RP-504C is considered a good option for those looking to upgrade their home theater system.

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