KEF Q350 vs Klipsch RP-600M

Great performance for both movies and music
Clear and detailed sound
Good value for the price
Potential for optimal performance with a subwoofer
Positive reviews from experienced audio enthusiasts
Great clarity and dynamics
Efficient and can extend low
Impressive soundstage
Aesthetically pleasing design with premium finish
Good value for its price
Not ideal for placement close to a wall due to rear port design
Some negative reviews regarding build quality and blown tweeters (isolated incidents)
None mentioned
Not as textured or tonally rich in the bass
Some find the speakers too forward and harsh on the upper frequencies
Internal crossover may be lacking for some reviewers


Overall, the KEF Q350 bookshelf speakers receive positive reviews for their performance and value. They are praised for their ability to handle both movies and music, with clear and detailed sound. Some reviewers recommend pairing them with a subwoofer for optimal performance. The rear port design is noted as a potential issue if placed too close to a wall. There are some negative reviews regarding the build quality and some issues with blown tweeters, but these seem to be isolated incidents. The KEF Q350 is generally considered a good buy at its retail price of $500.


Overall, the Klipsch RP-600M speakers are highly regarded for their clarity and dynamics, with a focus on refinement rather than overwhelming bass. They are efficient and can extend low, but some reviewers note a lack of texture and tone in the bass. The soundstage is impressive, but some find the speakers to be too forward and harsh on the upper frequencies. The speakers have potential for upgrades, but some reviewers find the internal crossover to be lacking. The design is aesthetically pleasing and the finish is premium. While some reviewers suggest looking into vintage Klipsch heritage speakers, the RP-600M is considered a good value for its price.

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