Boyue Meebook P78 Pro vs Onyx Boox Mira Pro

Great anti-Kindle device
Power-efficient e-ink display and conservative chipset for long battery life
8" screen size ideal for reading manga
Access to Google Play Store for additional apps
Wifi capabilities
Great balance between price and performance
Significantly less expensive than Dasung Paperlike Pro
Acceptable refresh rate for web browsing and text-based work
Grayscale screen is suitable for coding
Lightweight and portable
Not ideal for note taking
Wifi should be turned off when not in use to maximize battery life
More expensive than some other e-readers
Not ideal for syntax highlighting
No touchscreen capabilities
Limited viewing angles


The Boyue Meebook P78 Pro is a great e-reader for those who want an anti-Kindle device. It has a power-efficient e-ink display and conservative chipset, allowing it to last for several hours each day before needing to be charged. The 8" screen size makes it ideal for reading manga, and the device can access the Google Play Store for additional apps. It also has wifi capabilities, but users should turn it off when not in use to maximize battery life. Note taking is possible on this device, but may be better suited to smaller screens such as the Boox Nova Air or Nova Air C.


The Onyx Boox Mira Pro is a 25-inch e-ink monitor that offers a great balance between price and performance. It is significantly less expensive than the Dasung Paperlike Pro, yet still provides an acceptable refresh rate for web browsing and text-based work. The grayscale screen may not be ideal for syntax highlighting, but it is still suitable for coding.


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