Behringer PP400 vs Cambridge Audio Alva Duo

Great value for the price
Easy setup
Compact and well-constructed
Can be a good starting point for those on a budget
Does not introduce hum to some systems
Great sound quality
Sleek and stylish design
Versatile with headphone amp and L/R balance
Improves vinyl setup
Affordable price
Not recommended for those seeking high quality sound
Some users report issues with hum
Not suitable for those looking for top-of-the-line equipment
Not ideal for headphone use due to low volume and hissing
Some reviewers experienced feedback when using it as a preamp connector
Not all reviewers found it to be a significant improvement over other phono preamps


Overall, the Behringer PP400 receives mixed reviews. Some users find it to be a great value for the price, with clear sound and easy setup. Others, however, report issues with hum and poor sound quality. It is recommended as a budget option for those in need of a phono preamp, but some suggest investing in a higher quality option for better sound.


Overall, the Cambridge Audio Alva Duo receives positive reviews for its sleek design, outstanding sound quality, and versatility. Many reviewers praise its ability to improve their vinyl setup and beat out other phono preamps. However, some reviewers note issues with the headphone amp, such as low volume and hissing. Despite this, the Alva Duo is still considered a top-notch phono preamp at an affordable price.


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